Fortnite Escape Room Map Codes

Fortnite is a popular game that has taken the world by storm. Join the battle with this full-fledged shooter. Use a character, build your arsenal and fight to be the last player standing.

Active Codes

0461-3182-9949Use it to get The prop dropper
0477-9259-2809Use it to get Escape 101
0488-5674-4701Use it to get Trick or Treat Escape Horror
0741-5022-2483Use it to get 100 ports / 100 doors part 1
0850-7901-9021Use it to get LG Healthy Home
1314-9611-5070Use it to get The duomo’s mystery
1403-4363-5854Use it to get Spooky Realities Escape Room
1951-3457-5267Use it to get The illusion of Escape Rooms
2134-7522-8529Use it to get the Escape game au Requin FR / En
2305-2789-1003Use it to get Do you blame yourself
2325-3159-6846Use it to get Escape Mccormick Manor
3090-7463-5878Use it to get Red Pirate Prison Adventure Deadrun
3500-0019-7096Use it to get Escape Room: The Trust Survey
3513-2587-2276Use it to get Russkiv Fordost
3847-7224-8449Use it to get Squid Game red light green light
4173-6767-9660Use it to get 110 IQ Escape Map
5097-7971-0190Use it to get Raven’s Dungeon Crawl
5689-0959-8130Use it to get Escape World: Mission Roger
6134-1187-5161Use it to get Dungeon Prison Escape
6299-1937-3043Use it to get Escape Game A Night of Horror
6671-4819-0781Use it to get Calculated Trajectory: Part One
6696-8923-1647Use it to get 107 IQ Escape Map
6796-5852-0804Use it to get Red Light Green Light Squid Game
7102-1131-6537Use it to get Exonite 2
7585-5319-1559Use it to get The horrors of Shadow Lane Duo Escape
7752-3345-8194Use it to get Halloween Hunt
8102-1652-6655Use it to get Dolly
8111-8467-7659Use it to get the Exogenesis Co-op escape puzzle
8541-7760-0193Use it to get Agent Parker Escapes Planet Glesh!
8699-9944-8095Use it to get Escape Sector Z
9125-4798-3592Use it to get Prison RP
9234-1689-1491Use it to get Escape Game: Spherios
9257-5418-1427Use it to get The Curse of Belladona duo to escape
9651-4257-2527Use it to get Scared the 13th part II