Fortnite Game Chat Not Working FIX! XBOX ONE

In this guide, you will come to know how to fix the chat or voice issue in the Fortnite game. You have to follow a few steps to fix this issue, and it will help you out for sure. 

You can fix a game chat in Fortnite very easily. You have to go to Settings and head to the Audio option. Here you will see four options in the Voice Chat Tab.

Make sure that you’ve turned on Voice Chat and Voice Chat Notification. Voice Chat Method should be set to ‘OPEN MIC’ and Voice Channel (Filled Match) to ‘PARTY’. Then click on the Apply option. 

Now press the button of your controller having two squares you will come upon this. Then you will need to press RB to check voice chat. If you press LB, a new window will open to search for the player you want to add.

You have to make sure that you added them on your Xbox Live. If you didn’t, you have to come to the Find someone option and add them. 

Now go to the Xbox home button. Go to the Party & Chats and click on Start a party. Then again, press the Xbox home button and go to the Fortnite game settings. Head to the Voice Chat tab and turn it off. Then press Y to apply the settings.

Now you will need to leave the party. 

Now again go to the game setting and head to the Voice Chat tab to turn it on.

If you are using wired headphones, go to the Xbox menu and make your way to the Audio option. Make sure that your Headset volume, Headset chat mixer, and Mic monitoring are up. 

If you are using a wireless headset, you have to go to the Xbox settings. Then go to Devices & streaming and tap on the Accessories option. 

Now move to the right, and here you will see your wireless headset option. You have to sign in through the account you are using at that time. If it is connected to another ID, you won’t hear anything through the account you are using. 

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