Fortnite Mazes Map Codes

Fortnite brings together the best in technology and production with a polished product that delivers on the promise of online gaming. From the moment players enter their first game, they’ll be immersed in a world full of colorful graphics, well-produced sounds, and dynamic action.

Active Codes

1169-2163-2836Use it to get Hospital Escape Room 3 (Horror)
1246-2584-1319Use it to get Find The Button
1649-7086-6969Use it to get Colour Dropper Maze
1800-5266-5072Use it to get Gerona Space Station / Escape Game Story
2014-4773-3223Use it to get Lara Croft And The Tomb Of Xolotl
2658-4996-4934Use it to get The End Escape (Horror)
3060-8397-5852Use it to get The *Biggest* Maze In The World
3445-6579-4436Use it to get Escape Room V1
4284-8758-1462Use it to get The Backrooms
4342-4119-5260Use it to get Fortnite Escape Room (Hard)
4761-8050-3161Use it to get 100 Level Medium Deathrun X Maze
4816-5553-6324Use it to get Alice In Wonderland Hide & Seek Maze
5196-4085-4720Use it to get a Huge Iq Escape Room
5519-7078-3364Use it to get Ultimate Find The Button!
5692-8523-1098Use it to get Horror House 2 Escape Room
6696-8923-1647Use it to get 107 Iq Escape Map
7241-7956-2890Use it to get Rook Maze
7402-9735-1539Use it to get Troll Escape Map (Comic Theme)
7463-1269-1440Use it to get The nightmare
7753-5417-9053Use it to get The Halloween Dropper
8793-6874-9867Use it to get Bouncer Arena
8929-1132-7769Use it to get Skull Island
9249-5810-8947Use it to get Retro Runners
9331-3356-5536Use it to get Escape The Prison
9821-3850-4902Use it to get Labyrinthe De L’impossible