King of Avalon Gift Code 2022

King of Avalon is a strategic game which was released in 2016. You will take control of a little kingdom and try your best to make it a massive empire. Manage the resources for the people of the kingdom and construct new buildings for your empire. You will need to give food and shelter to the people and arrange gold to keep the empire running. Make your own army and train dragons to provide extensive damage to your opponents. The King of Avalon game is designed with amazing visual effects and it is available for free on the Apple app store and Google play store.  

Active Codes

No codes are available at the moment

Expired Codes

halloween2020koaRedeem it to get Scary Pumpkin Stronghold for 1 day x 1, Small Lord EXP x5, Medium Dragon EXP x5, 100 Gold x1, 60m Speedup x1, Medium Dragon Skill EXP x1, 5m Speedup x5
koahappy4thbirthdayRedeem it to get Birthday Fireworks x 20, 500 Silver x 120, 2K Iron x 120, 1 Gold x 260, 30K Wood x 120, 30K Food x120
HAPPYNEWYEAR2020KOARedeem it to get 5 Lucky Shot Coin, 3k Food x80, 60m Construction Speed up x20, Tarot Stone x5, 3K Wood x100, 5m Construction Speed Up x60, 150 Gold
KOA5050Redeem it to get 60m speedup x10, 5M Speedup x20, Some Bright, Medium Hero Exp x50, Refining Stones x25, 100 VIP Points x5, Summoning Horn x5, Prestige Banner x50
Koa7575Redeem it to get Small Assault Power x100, Medium Hero EXP x50, Refining stone x75, Summoning Horn x10, 60m Speed Up x10, 100 VIP Points x5, Small Guardian Power x100, Prestige Banner x150, 5m Speed-up x20, Medium Dragon EXP x50
KOALUNARNEWYEAR2020Redeem it to get 5m Construction Speedup x60, 60m Construction Speedup x20, Lucky Bag x5, 3K Wood x100, 100 Gold, 3K Food x80, Celebration Fireworks x2
HIOCTOBERRedeem it to get 5m Speed-up x10, Medium Dragon EXP x10, 60m Speed-up x4, Small Lord EXP x10, 150 Gold, Medium Dragon Skill Exp x8
koa3yearsfun2019Redeem it to get the reward
OHMYDEARRedeem it to get 5m Speed-up x20, 60m Speed-up x10, 300 Steel x200, 5K Wood x80, 100 Gold, 1 Day VIP x2, 100 VIP Points x20, Medium Dragon Skill EXP x30
daimeierRedeem it to get 5m Speed-up x200, 60m Construction Speed-up x50, 60m Speed-up x50, 5m Construction Speed-up x200, Iseult the fair x60
happybdaykoa2019Redeem it to get Medium Dragon EXP x260, 60m Construction Speed-up x30, Large Hero Exp x50, 60m Research Speed-up x30, Small Assault Power x260, 200 Gold, Small Guardian Power x260, 60m Training Speed-up x30
koa66666666Redeem it to get the reward
koa88888888Redeem it to get the reward
Koa628Redeem it to get the reward

How To Redeem King of Avalon Codes?

In order to redeem the King of Avalon codes, you’ll have to follow the following steps: 

  1. Open the game and click on the profile icon at the upper left corner of the screen. 
  2. Find the “Gear” icon at the bottom of the screen and tap that.
  3. Then click on the Gift Codes button. 
  4. Enter your code and press the “Redeem” button to get the desired output.

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