Fortnite Mini Gamest Map Codes

Fortnite is a 3D survival horror, a third-person multiplayer online game developed by Epic Games. The game is set in a dystopian world where players have to survive against zombies and other monsters using unique building mechanics and weapons.

Active Codes

0007-2048-2784Use it to get Bio Zone Wars custom Squad 32 Player
0041-2927-1418Use it to get Natural Disaster Survival!
0248-1022-4935Use it to get Free Xp Farm Chapter 2 Season 8
0330-1671-9173Use it to get Splatter Run!
0400-4694-3989Use it to get Guess The Song #2 (20 Song)
0664-9080-4931Use it to get Guess The Song (20 Songs)
0850-7901-9021Use it to get Lg Healthy Home
1313-5908-2627Use it to get Marché De Noël – Édition 2021
1733-0343-7936Use it to get Snipers Vs Supercars
1861-6535-6769Use it to get Guess The Song #2 (20 Pop Songs)
1898-3233-1949Use it to get Octo Game Squid Game Remake
2357-7934-4887Use it to get Big Bounce Color Switch
2735-4519-3188Use it to get Rockets Vs Cars
2865-1481-0812Use it to get Squid Game The Glass Bridge Escape
3018-2115-6406Use it to get Glass Bridge!
4419-2643-1417Use it to get The Shark! (Hide And Seek) 2-16 Players
4959-0784-6057Use it to get Truck Color Switch
6351-9562-0264Use it to get high School Roleplay
6541-0097-5764Use it to get Fashion Show Scenery
7312-2850-9491Use it to get Edit Wars!
7832-3964-5638Use it to get Truck Pursuit!
8871-0066-6184Use it to get Crazy Hockey
9169-2841-8789Use it to get mindful Mall | Infinite Prop Hunt
9510-5510-7139Use it to get Chaos Color Switch
9919-5829-1750Use it to get Winter Bumper Cars