Forza Horizon 5 – Controls Guide

Forza Horizon 5 takes you on a spectacular journey through the breathtaking landscapes of Mexico, showcasing the beauty and diversity of this amazing country. The game features hundreds of cars.

In this guide, you’ll find all the Controls to play Forza Horizon 5.


AccelerateWPress W to Accelerate
Steer LeftAPress A to Steer Left
BrakeSPress S to Use Brake
Steer RightDPress D to Steer Right
Switch CameraTabPress Tab to Switch Camera
ActivateEnterPress Enter to Activate
HornHPress H to Use Horn
Shift UpEPress E to Shift Up
Shift DownQPress Q to Shift Down
RewindRPress R to Rewind
ClutchShiftPress Shift to Use Clutch
HandbrakeSpacebarPress Spacebar to Use Handbrake
Activate AnnaCPress C to Activate Anna
MapMPress M to Open Map
Pause/MenuEscPress Esc to Pause


AccelerateRTPress RT to Accelerate
Switch CameraRBPress RB to Switch Camera
RewindYPress Y to Rewind
Shift UpBPress B to Shift Up
Shift DownXPress X to Shift Down
ClutchAPress A to Use Clutch
BrakeLTPress LT to Use Brake
E-BrakeRBPress RB to E-Brake
SteeringLeft StickPress Left Stick to Use Steering
Free LookRight StickPress Right Stick to Free Look
Photo ModeD-Pad UpPress D-Pad Up to Open Photo Mode
Activate Quick ChatD-Pad LeftPress D-Pad Left to Activate Quick Chat
Activate Anna / Toggle Mini LeaderboardD-Pad DownPress D-Pad Down to Activate Anna
Cycle RadioD-Pad RightPress D-Pad Right to Cycle Radio
ActivateView ButtonPress View Button to Activate
PauseMenu ButtonPress Menu Button to Pause
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