Free Fire Five Best Characters in Gold Coins – Garena Free Fire

In this guide, you will learn about the Free Fire 5 best character in gold coins. You can use the abilities of these characters to make your way forward in the game. 

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    Paloma is an AR ammo queen, and she can pick 180 ammo without the backpack. If you don’t have a backpack and you want to loot and cannot do so, you have to equip this character, and she will loot for you. And if her level reaches 6, she can grab 180 AR ammo.


    Kla’s hand power is very effective compared to all other characters in the game. If you give the damage to the enemy with the fist, then the damage will be increased by 300 percent, and you can kill the enemy in just one or two punches. If you reach level 6, the damage will be increased by 400 percent. Kla is a passive character.


    Kelly can run faster than any other character to chase and kill the enemies easily. You can also dodge enemies’ attacks because Kelly has got some dodging skills as well. If you reach level 6, the Sprinting speed will increase by 6 percent.


    Using this Miguel, you can gain 70 EP on each kill, and you don’t have to wait for the mushroom. Whenever you kill someone, you will get the mushroom. And if you have the maximum level of this character, you will gain 80 EP on each kill, which is very useful because this EP will convert into HP when you are running low on HP.


    Moco is a hacker; when you are shooting at the enemy, she will hide, and you have no idea where to find the enemy again. Then she can tag enemy shots for 3.5 seconds, and you will see it in the mini-map. You can also share this with your teammates on their mini-map, and if you reach level 6 of this character, her ability can spot the enemies for 5 seconds. She is also a passive character.

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