Freeman Guerrilla Warfare Cheat Codes

The Freeman Guerrilla Warfare game was released in 2018 and this game took the heart of game lovers in a very quick time. It is an action strategy RPG game and very popular in its genre. The game story is presented on some imaginative island being controlled by the battling groups. You will not start it off with a huge army of thousands soldiers, you will start the game as a one man army equipped with a basic pistol. The players have to recruit their army and battle against the occupied factions by leading the army on the battlegrounds. This game has a vast range of firearms, this is one of the main reasons why the game is so popular. 

The cheat codes are designed to help the players in reaching the higher stages quickly. These codes give you access to game items, perks and many other features.

You can open up the cheat menu by pressing the END key on the keyboard.

Freeman Guerrilla Warfare Cheats

Full AttributeThis cheat code will maximize all the stats including weapons, skills and attributes.
Acquire Nearby CityThis code is used to acquire the nearest city.
Acquire All CitiesThis cheat code will acquire all the cities on the world map.
Add all CompanionsYou can add all the companions with the help of this code.
Add Wood and IronThis cheat code will add iron and wood to your inventory.
Add All SoldiersThis code is used to add a soldier of every unit to your party.
Reset LocationThis cheat code will place you back at a random friendly city.
Reveal EnemyThis code will reveal where the enemies are in an instance of fighting.
Get All WeaponsYou wiil get all the weapons in your inventory if you use this code.
Get All ClothesThis code is used to add clothes to the your inventory.
Add 10000 ExpThis code will award you with 10000 XP.
Add 1000000 ZoltiesThis caode will give you 1,000,000 zolties.
Add All ItemsThis cheat code will add will fill your inventory with the maximun number of items, weapons and amrors.
SuicideYou can commit suicide by using this code.
All Enemies FleeThis cheat code will force all the enemies to flee.
Kill All EnemiesYou can kill alll the enemies by executing this code.
Full AmmoThis cheat code will fill your guns with the maximum ammo.
InvincibleThis code will make you invincible so that no one will be able to kill you.

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