Frog Simulator Codes 2022

Frog Simulator tasks the players to explore the map and catch a lot of frogs; you can sell them to earn some gold. The game’s main goal is to become the best frog catcher in the world. The rebirth will allow you to catch more frogs, and you can also hatch the eggs to get the pets out of them.

Active Codes

BATUse it to get a Free Bat Pet
COTTON CANDYUse it to get a Free Pet
ORBUse it to get a Free Pet
PoisonUse it to get a Poison Frog Pet
STARUse it to get a Star Pet
WHITE DRAGONUse it to get a Free Pet

How to use codes in Frog Simulator?

To get rewards, you can redeem codes. Click on the “Redeem Code” button on the side of the screen. A window opens. Copy one of the codes from our list, paste it into the box, and hit redeem. Then you will receive your reward!

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