Frozenheim – Controls Guide

Frozenheim is a strategy video game. You are banister from your fatherland and you have to find another place to live for yourself and your close ones. Your clan will have their eyes on you.

In this guide, you’ll find all the Controls to play Game Frozenheim.

Focus BaseFPress F to Focus Base
Toggle InterfaceIPress I to Toggle Interface
Utility PanelLeft AltPress Left Alt to Open Utility Panel
FollowGPress G to Follow
DestroyXPress X to Destroy
Flip Building RotationQPress Q to Flip Building Rotation
Time Acceleration.Press . to Time Acceleration
Time Deceleration,Press, to Time Deceleration
Quick SaveF5Press F5 to Quickly Save
PauseSpacebarPress Spacebar to Pause
Toggle RegisterVPress V to Toggle Register
Next Unit[Press [ to Open Next Unit
Previous Unit]Press ] to Open Previous Unit
Toggle OutlineOPress O to Toggle Outline
Photo ModeLPress L to Open Photo Mode
SkipSpacebarPress Spacebar to Skip
Rotate Building ClockwiseRPress R to Rotate Building Clockwise
Rotate Building CounterclockwiseTPress T to Rotate Building Counterclockwise
Create Group 1Ctrl + 1Press Ctrl + 1 to Create Group 1
Create Group 2Ctrl + 2Press Ctrl + 2 to Create Group 2
Create Group 3Ctrl + 3Press Ctrl + 3 to Create Group 3
Create Group 4Ctrl + 4Press Ctrl + 4 to Create Group 4
Select Group 11Press 1 to Select Group 1
Select Group 22Press 2 to Select Group 2
Select Group 33Press 3 to Select Group 3
Select Group 44Press 4 to Select Group 4
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