Fun Artwork of the Pokemon Franchise

With nearly twenty years of fan loyalty sustaining Pokémon as one of the worlds most prosperous video game-based media franchise, there is a seemingly unlimited amount of creative perspective surrounding the world of Pokémon. The anime art that launched the Pokémon franchise has since expanded into all sorts of impressionistic, conceptual, computer based, and created art forms. No longer is Pokémon relegated to just the anime 2D world of the mid 90’s. There is a rich heritage surrounding Pokémon, so many of us grew up watching the iconic series on television. It has defined a generation and left an indelible imprint on those that have come afterwards. Pokémon’s impact can be felt throughout the entertainment industry; from its distinct Japanese heritage to the messages of hope and common understanding that helped shape a generation – Pokémon has spawned a tidal wave of art and here are just a few of my favorites.

The beautiful artwork in this digital painting of a family of Pikachus roasting marshmallows and chasing fireflies is absolutely stunning!

Nate and Rosa are common romance theme with many interpretations of their love story. I like this one because it is simple and the fact that it is focusing more on their embrace and the look in their eyes.

The realism of the Pokemon in this video is a unique take on the Pokemon franchise!

This young fan creates a scene of romance for Rosa and Nate’s first kiss in a ferris wheel

Artistic interpretation of the Pokemon Vulpix

If I was attacked by this Venomoth Pokemon I think I’d be having a really bad day!

Froakie is having a bad day I guess…

If the jumping frame rate doesn’t make you sick this video should help improve your own Pokemon drawings

Nothing will get you in the holiday spirit faster than this Christmas fantasy artwork

This artwork reminds me of my childhood – riding bikes with friends off to imaginary battles of great importance!

This Pokemon flag is pretty cool!

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