Fun Things To Do In Pacifico If You’re Bored

Once you are bored, this guide will provide you with some fun things to do in Pacifico 2: Playground Town. 

1. Driving sensibly

You will need to wait for the red light to turn green before moving off. Indicate left or right using the Q or E keys, drive in the right-hand lanes and stick to the speed limit of your zone. You will also need to be careful of other drivers who don’t drive sensibly. 

2. The race track

You have to grab a fast car and head to the track. You can drive through a course with jumps on the track. 

Here you can pick a path through the track. The left path has a speed boost and loops.

There is also a big jump on the track.

3. Work as a barista at the cafe

First, you will need to make sure that you step on the cafe worker pad. You can serve coffee and refreshments to the people.

4. Causing maximum CHAOS! 

After that, drive like a MANIAC and start a police chase. 

5. Become a criminal

Make sure to step on a criminal pad. You can also grab a gun.

Now let’s go and hack goggles. Head straight to the locked door of the server room.

Now you will need to enter the code 606613. 

And then find the master computer to hack. 

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