Fuses Locations in GTA 5 Online Criminal Enterprises

In this guide, you will find the FUSES locations in (ULP – Cleanup) mission in Grand Theft Auto 5 Online Criminal Enterprises DLC.

There are 12 possible locations where you can find fuses.

  • The first one you can find is on the top of these two crates in the corridor.
  • You can find the next one just after the two green crates. There will be two wooden crates and you will find a fuse after these two wooden crates.
  • You need to start moving toward the end of the hallway, and there will be another small wooden crate. You will find the fuse on it.
  • Now you have to make a 180-degree turn and make your way to the large area in the hanger. In this hallway, you will not find any fuse. But once you reach the end, you will find one on the green crate.
  • After that, make your way to the open orange door by moving straight, then you have to take a slight left and another slight right. Make your way toward the weapon workbench and you will find a fuse on that bench.
  • Now take another 180-degree turn, then a sight right there you will find the green crates in the very middle of the hanger. It is another possible location for the fuse.
  • Now if you move slightly right to the green crates, there will be three crates. You have to break them by shooting to make our way to the next possible location again on the weapon workbench
  • For the next location, you need to turn around and move to the other side of the hanger and you will find two large green crates. There will be a fuse on these crates.
  • After that, take the left and there you be another three crates. You have to destroy these crates and you will be able to find a fuse on the machine.
  • Now make your way toward the security checkpoints and you will find a wooden crate in the corner. Next to the red toolbox, you will find a fuse.
  • You will find another one by making your way toward the door behind you. Then turn left and you will find another one next to the ranch.
  • The last one will be on the left as you pass the security checkpoint. It will be right there in front of the grey toolbox.

Keep in mind that you will be getting different locations every single time when you restart the game.

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