Gambler Challenge – Win 3 Games of Dominoes in a Row – RDR2

Gambler 9: Win 3 Games Of Dominoes In A Row.  

The prerequisite of this challenge is to complete “Who Is Not Without Sin” And “Americans At Rest”, and rewards are 150 DeadEye XP and $20.  

This guide will let you know how you can complete this challenge in Red Dead Redemption. 

You will first need to reach the table at the emerald station- the easiest one for this challenge and have only one opponent.

What you have to do is win three games in a row, not just rounds; this means you can lose a round or two as long as you’re winning the game.

Here the round is won by the player who first puts down all his tiles.

The first who puts down all tiles and calls “Domino” gets points based on the number of pips in the losing player’s hand.

The first player who reaches a total of 60 points or more wins the game.

The trick is easy; you always have to play first the tiles with the highest number of pips and make sure to have options available for your next moves.

If you collect too many tiles from the stock and your opponent is just two tiles away from winning, you’re about to lose.

To avoid resetting your winning streak, you have to leave the table and rejoin for a new game.

Do not save and reload; otherwise, the game will reset your winning streak.

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