Game Basics (Level 1-37) Guide – Swords of Legends Online

If you have trouble understanding the Swords of Legends game or are blocked on leveling with no quests available, you are at the right place. This guide will surely help you out with some tips. 

“initie” is max level in french.

Game Basics:

She is Honolulu a bard level 1; this guide will level up from 1 to “initie”. So your main goal will be to do “!” quests and “?” to validate.  

The game will guide you with multiple quests and show you how to kill with distances, routes, and monsters with a “!” marker. You have to follow what the game told you to do, and you will level up quite easily, but at some moments it will stop helping you.

You have to double press Z or W to run; unlike other games, it is infinite. 

You can do this anytime except in battle and a dungeon. You can also double jump anywhere, even triple jump later. You will get your first Mount quickly; press T to get on it. You can move faster on it like all the mounts. 

It will drain the boost Bar. But don’t worry, in the end, you will lose the boost, and the bar will regen.

As you see, you continue to fly while the bar regen. After a bit of time, you will be able to re-press Shift.

If you Press T while flying, you will fall slowly. You will need to press I again to return to your Mount. If you want to get down quickly while falling, you can press Shift.

There are some places, like in town, where you won’t fly and jump even with a Flying mount. You have to wait for your mount to come up in some large places instead of pressing T.

You can run, double jump, and press T while in the air. You can do a Stylish auto Flying mount and boost speed!

Let’s talk about skill bars now. While leveling, you will gain new skills, then press K.

Drag and drop the skill you want on your bar (Hold left click).

Now on your bar, hold Shift and drag and drop like before (Hold Left Mouse Click) if you want to move it. If you want to delete a Skill, drag and drop it outside a bar, this will delete it instantly. Then change the Shortcut on the Options Menu and make your bar the way you like.

Next is the new Stuff you will get. You will need to move your mouse to compare with what you have and click on it to auto-equip. Press C to open your character page and B to open your inventory. You can also manually equip stuff by drag and drop like before 6. It will be helpful with accessories! If you auto equip them. 

The game will always use the same 1st slot.

If your inventory is full, you can open it with B and click on Books. They are for history and collection (some might give you a quest). Next, you can use these “Bags”, it will add to your inventory slots. You can have a maximum of 4 of these. 

So only use the bigger ones, and you will immediately gain more inventory space. Then use Crystal-like this one, press C and upgrade the corresponding stuff (it will be on the crystal description).

After that, you have to use your old stuff for your pet. Press P to open your Pet page, in feed (Nourrir for me), transform all into Qi.

Spend your Qi with all Pet skills available and for craft later. Then press this Grid Icon, and it will automatically sort your inventory.

You can use your Novice Chest to gain items If you have the lvl required. The other items will be used later (upgrading Companion, stuff…). You can upgrade your stuff with a forge like this.

Select the item you want to upgrade and press Reinforce. Some vendors will enable you to repair your stuff. Just use the 2 Repair Icon at the bottom.

Here is how to use Companion for Dungeons :

You will need to open their Companion Recruit, press upgrade, and use all your materials to lvl her up. Next, open the Dungeon Window, exercise, and press Enter; press Add on the top, select your Companion and Launch the dungeon with your Companion easily.

Just do your quest and dodge the boss attack. Your companion will kill everything and really “PL” you.

Here are a few tips, you should always use Quest items unmount. Otherwise, it won’t work and it will waste your time.

Now for the leveling, you will need to press M to see the map. Always take all “T” quests of the zone and do them. 

You will only leave a zone when your main quest and all other quests are finished. From Lvl 1 to 24, the game will guide you with a large series of main quests/side quests; follow them.

They will be straightforward, and it will only take you time. It will take you around 15 hours to get from 1 to Max level.

So chain quests until level 24. Now that you are 24, you will end here, and you will need to be 25 to continue your Main quest.

Just go there on the map, as shown in the image below.

And do this dungeon with your companion like before. Do your quest while your companion will kill everything.

You will gain 10600 XP per run + Stuff. Quality 35 stuff will drop.

Now you have to validate all the quests.  As you see 37781/69000, doing only three times the dungeon, you will level up to 25! (3 * 10600 + 37781 = 69581).

There are other ways to level up to 25, but this is the most recommended because it is fast, and you will gain 35 Quality stuff + XP material for Companion. Now that you are 25, go there and continue your quests, same as before, do main and sub-quests until you hit the level 33.

Now that you are level 33, you will end there with no other quests and need to be level 34 to continue your main quest. Unlike before, this time, you don’t have to do dungeons but unlock all the other ways to Lvl up with the help of “Culture”.

Open the Culture Ball next to your map, and you’ll find it will begin with the first way, the Biography in PVE content.

Launch initiation and choose this one. You will get a Biography Quest!

You have to do it like always and use culture to validate it at the end. Take your reward, and there will be another Biography to do; just launch it and press the daily Biography button. Choose this one, the level 41 one, and do it.

Take your reward, and you will be ready for the 2nd way with Primes Launch Prime Initiation and teleport to the right place. To do so, you have to press K, add this spell to your bar, use it and select the place as shown in your quest. You will directly teleport there, 90 min a cooldown. 

Just do the quest to resume Prime to check these marks on your map; bigger ones are harder. Go to the mark as shown in the image below and use your Red Feather.

You can also press CTRL + Y to find it. So, use it; a red circle will spawn with a monster. Kill him without moving out the circle or it will reset. Killing it gives you XP based on the Prime Lvl, Reput, and Coins.

Now you have to do all the small ones to gain XP and try the Harder one if you can. Then finish the quest and take your reward from the culture.

You are now at the last way of gaining XP in PVE culture, the Soul Launch, the Soul Initiation, and do the following quest. At this point, you will have to use your Lantern by pressing CTRL Y like for Prime, and here it is.

Click on it, and you’ll enter the “Soul World.” You have to do the quest and use the Lantern to recoup Souls after killing the monsters.

The soul works a little like Primes, you have to go to a marked monster on the map, kill it, and you’ll get XP and rewards.

Don’t forget to take your rewards in the culture. Follow your own PVE culture path, do Biography / Primes / Soul to level up to 34. Now that you are Lvl 34, your next PVE culture will be at Baxian with a 50k XP bonus, and your main quest will continue there too.

Wherever you are at that moment, you can use your rune teleport to get to the following main quest. Use the teleport gate in front of you, and when you arrive take the other gate next to you, and you will get there.

You can use your stylish mount burst speed and continue your quests.

After taking the quest, you will have to go to Baxian. You can get there with this other way to teleport using this big map to teleport to Zhongnan.

After getting there, you will move to Baxian using the last way of teleporting to a zone with this Zone Gate. 

Follow the quest like usual and see you at level 36. At level 36, you will end up there after finishing all the quests available there. First of all, you have to take your PVE Baxian Culture Rewards, 50k free XP. Now continue your PVE Culture Biography quest 20k XP.

And the last remaining XP to be done will be up to you. Choose other Biography / Primes Or Soul to finish the level.

Important note that you won’t level up to 37. Take care at the end, and you will have this quest Spawning “Sound of Qin”. So don’t try to continue gaining XP to level up. 

You have to teleport using your Rune (F4). Do your “Initié” class quest, and there you are. Free to discover the HL content of the game! 

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