Garou Mark Of The Wolves Tier List 2023 (Best Fighters)

Garou Mark Of The Wolves is an arcade fighting game originally released in 1999. You will need to pick up a character and then train him to master his combos. Beat every other fighter and climb up the leaderboard. You can buy Garou Mark Of The Wolves anytime from the Google play store and Apple app store. You can also play it on your PC. 

B. Jenet and Kevin Rian are the leading characters in tier S; they are the best performers. The most prominent characters in tier A are Kim Jae Hoon and Grant; Terry Bogard and Hokutomaru are the best characters in the B tier. Some characters in tier C are Hotaru Futaba and Kim Dong Hwan. Rock and Freeman rank in the F tier. 

Table of Contents

    S Tier

    B. Jenet
    Kevin Rian
    Kain R. Heinlein

    A Tier

    Kim Jae Hoon

    B Tier

    Terry Bogard
    Marco Rodrigues (Khushnood Butt)

    C Tier

    Hotaru Futaba
    Kim Dong Hwan

    F Tier

    Rock Howard
    Tizoc (The Griffon)
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