Gears of War 3 – Xbox 360 Save Game

Gears of War 3 is a third-person shooter game with cinematic battles and a large setting. The game occurs in a post-apocalyptic future when humanity is on the verge of destruction. The player assumes the role of Marcus Fenix, Delta Squad’s iconic leader, as he faces a new foe: the gigantic and powerful Locust Horde. Players can use various weapons, including the famous Lancer assault rifle and new weapons such as the Retro Lancer and Sawed-Off Shotgun. Multiplayer games include everything from classic deathmatch to brand-new scenarios like Beast Mode and Horde 2.0.

How to Restore Xbox 360 Save file

To restore Xbox 360 save files using a USB drive, you’d need to follow these steps:

  • First, plug the USB drive into your Xbox 360 console and go to the “System” blade.
  • Tap on “Memory.” and select the USB flash drive.
  • After that, choose the saved game file you want to restore.
  • Click on “Copy” and follow the on-screen instructions to restore the saved game file.

Download Save file:

In this save file, the game is 100% completed.