Genshin Impact The Chi Of Guyun Side Quest Guide

The Chi Of Guyun is one of the side quests in Genshin Impact. Check out this guide to complete this quest quickly and easily.  

The first thing you need to do is clear out the ruins of the ruin guard and then interact with the little sphere there. After doing that, you have to head there, as shown in the map below.

You have to activate the little statues near the orange crystals in ruins. You will see a pattern of orange crystals throughout this quest, so make sure to activate them.

After that, you need to make your way to the Qingce village.

After getting there, you will find an old lady, a granny up on the top. You are supposed to look for someone who knows some information. Speak to the granny; she will give you some information and two more objectives. 

Now you need to find two things. The first is the earth statue switches; it is called verbiage geo statues and then interacts with it. 

So the first one is in the north, grab it and grab those apples too. Now you need to go to the southeast.

After that, go northwest and then northeast, which is basically in the opposite corner.

And then wrap up with the last one over there that will give you a chest and one more part of the fragment, but you still have one more spot. You need to go to the highest point in the village.

There are more statues, but you only need to interact with the four of them; it is the clue you need to figure out. So first, you need to go for the first one that’s pointing towards the pine tree. 

You need to grab that one and then head over towards the orange crystals. The one to the right of the orange crystal on the tree.

Now you need to go to the solo orange crystal and hit the left one there. And then the other one that is pointing out towards the marsh. Now grab all of those that will give you another chest and the other fragment. After that, you need to go down and speak to the granny again. She will give you another objective, and this one is for some of the treasures.

You have to head to the objective marker and go underneath the waterfall. Then go through the cave, but you need to be careful because there will be a fight down there, and it’s pretty intense. So now you need to get ready for it. Make sure when you hit all the items, you hit square, and then the gate will open. 

Once the gate opens, the fight will start, so good luck with the fight. Now when the fight is done, you need to follow the path further down and you will get a bunch of treasure chests and some of the other loot as well. Once you get all the loot, you have to go back and report back to granny to finish the quest. 

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