Get Any Legendary Class Easily in A Hero’s Destiny

In this brief guide, you will find out how to get any legendary class easily in Hero’s Destiny Game. 

You will need an auto clicker or a macro as long as it can click for a long time. Also, make sure you have enough spins, so it’s guaranteed to get a legendary (try to get 10k).

After you meet both of those requirements, head to the class changer person.  

You can also buy all of them if you want to save yourself some time by buying spins. 

Anyways just put your mouse pointer on the spin button and turn on your auto clicker/macro. It will spin until you have a legendary class. 

It works because they added the confirm GUI, so if your mouse is at the spin button, you won’t press it. Pretty much, this is how you can get any legendary class easily. 

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