Get Invisible Arms in GTA 5 Online

This guide will let you know how to get Invisible Arms in GTA V. You have to follow the guide and know a trick to get Invisible Arms.

You will need to go to a specific place in the game to do it. Before going into it, you have to set your Spawn Location as the Last Location to spawn back to your last location. 

Now, you have to go to the Ammu-Nation Gun Store. You can choose the outfit on which you want to have invisible arms. After entering the gun store, you have to go to your gear section and put on the Grey Earpiece

Now go to the tops and come up to the Utility Vest. Select the Ultralight Strike Vest and then purchase the Vest.  

Once you have done it, you need to come up to the Tank Tops and wear any top. 

After you have done it, go up to the Overcoat Blazers and select the No Top, as shown in the image below.

Afterward, you have to save the outfit. Then you need to go to the Pause menu and come up to the Online tab. Then select the Find New Session option.

After getting into the session, if you don’t have invisible arms, go to the Style option, and select the outfit you saved earlier under the Outfit option. Your character will have Invisible Arms now.

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