Gogeta Blue BnB Combos & Basics Guide | DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ

In this guide, you will learn the BnB combos and Gogeta Blue (SSGSS) basics in Dragon Ball Fighter Season 3.5.

5L hits twice and is safe on block. 5LL is nothing special but allows for stuff like this. 5LLL dubbed the “Vibe check”, is an overhead that switches sides. 

2L is a pretty slow sliding low, but it’s safe on the block since the buffs. 2M was buffed, now it’s faster and has absurd range, still not safe on block. 5M is only slightly faster.

The heavies are also huge but unsafe. jM hits three times, with all hits being true overheads. J was made faster and now covers a significant part of the screen.

It is slightly faster since the buffs. 5S and 2S are beam normals usable in the air. Since they’re normals, you can vanish out of them on whiff if you change your mind. 

Soul Strike (236x, Air OK) 

A 3-hit Rekka, with the last hit being an overhead. It’s your main knockdown tool in the air. It is ending in Medium causes a ground bounce, making assist extensions easy. The heavy version will automatically follow up into a wall bounce. When used after 5S, it will jail and becomes a straightforward way to get in when covered with an assist. You can choose between Light, Medium, and Heavy follow up at any point. 236L-LL is safe and gapless, while 236M-MM will beat any mashing and 2H attempts. 

Rising Vortex (214X, Air OK) 

A series of DPS. The Light version is only anti-air, and the Medium version is entirely invincible. In the corner, you can combo off of Medium and Heavy meterless. 

Multiplex Afterimage (236S, Air OK) 

It shoots a beam with an overhead j2H follow-up on hit and block. You can select a clone by holding BACK (4), UP 8), or no direction. You can hold S to feint out the beam. Clone select is still available. 

Punisher Drive (214S) 

A full-screen command grab. You have to vanish to combo; however, the enemy can’t mash out on hit as it’s a plus. 

A Assist 

Now goes full screen, giving a big wall bounce to use for combos. 

B Assist 

An anti-air assist, but just too slow and too little blockstun to be used as a combo or super dash assist. Very niche, use A or C. 

C Assist 

It tracks anywhere on the screen and gives lots of time to side switch, but the tracking is very lackluster. As for supers, God Punisher does the least damage but can go into a Level 2. 

Stardust Fall pulls the enemies to the floor so you can DHC into other characters. Big Bang Kamehameha does the most damage and has specific Synergies, like with Super Spirit Bomb. Characters with fast supers like Gohan and Vegito can DR afterward for knockdown. 

Basic Safe Blockstring

5L(2)L> 2M5M > 5H > 236L-EL

Basic Blockstring with Assist

5L(2)L > 2M5M > 5H > 236L-LL > A1 > 2L5L(2)L> 

Rekka Mixups using Assists 

Using LM for the Rekka allows you to airdash before landing.

> 66 > jl > 5L(2)L 5L(2)L > 2M5M> 5H > 236L-M > (land) 215L(2)L>… 

Left/Right Cross Up Safe Jump

5L(2)L> 2M5M > 5H > 236L-L > A1 > 96 (delay) ¡M(3) >… 

Mixup Options using 236S 

From here on, you will have a variety of options. To name a few: 

#1 Top clone Overheads 

#2 Bottom Clone 2L 

#3 Top Clone Crossup iL/M 

#4 Feint High into 2L 

#5 Feint into Command Grab/DR

In Sparking, cancel 5L (1) into an air dash. No one is going to see this coming.

Midscreen BnB 

4111 dmg/3412 scaled | +1.1 Bar 

In the corner, you can add a js > j236M-MM before the Rekka.

2M5M – jLL(3)L – SD – jLL(3)jcLL(3)L – j236L~LL

Midscreen BnB Better knockdown 

3820 dmg / 3212 scaled | +0.95 Bar

2M5M – jLL(3)L – SD – jLL(3)jcLL(3)2H

2M Sideswitch BnB 

4046 dmg | +1.1 Bar

2M5M – jLL(3)L – SD – jL(delay)M(2) (delay) jcLL(3)L – j236L~LL

Mid Corner BnB 

4967 dmg, 3775 scaled | +1.5 Bar 

For scaled do … » SD > İLL(3)jcLL(3)L> j236L-MM

2M5M – jLL(3) – j214M – jH – jS2S – SD – jLL(3)jcLL(3)L – jS – j236M~MM

Corner BnB 

4982 dmg, 3810 scaled | +1.3 Bar 

2M5M – 214M – jH – jS2S – SD – jLL(3)jcLL(3)L – jS – j236M~MM

For scaled, end in … > j236L-MM 

Advanced Corner BnB 

5549 dmg, 3950 scaled | +1.6 Bar 

2M(delay)5M – jH – (land) 5L(2)L – 5M – sjLL(3)L – jS2S – SD – jLL(3)jcLL(3)L – j236L~MM

Superjump isn’t strictly necessary but it is needed for small bodies.

Optimal Corner BnB 

5756 dmg 1 +1.75 Bar 

2M(delay)5M – jH – (land, delay) 5L(2)(delay)L – (delay) 5M – sjLL(3)L – jS2S – SD – jLL(3)jcLL(3)L – j236L~MM

Mostly just for flexing as it’s tough. For a scaled route, see Advanced Corner BnB. 

236H Confirm 

4196 dmg 

236H – (delay) 5M – sjLL(3)jcLL(3)L – j236L~LL

5M will pierce the sky.

214M Confirm Midscreen 

2110 dmg 1 +0.45 Bar 

214M – 66 j236L~LL

The timing here is tight. 

214M Corner Confirm 

2990 dmg | +1.2 Bar

214M – jH – jS2S – SD – jLL(3)jcLL(3)L – jS – j236M~MM

214H Confirm

214H – 2M5M – jLL(3)L – jS2S – SD – jLL(3)jcLL(3)L – jS – j236M~MM

Vanish Confirm 

2615 dmg

Vanish – micro dash 2L5L(2)L – jLL(3)jcLL(3)L – j236L~LL

Vanish Confirm Side Switch

2800 dmg

Vanish – micro dash 2L5L(2)LL – SD – jLL(3)jcLL(3)L – j236L~LL

Vanish Air Extension 

Skip the jcLL(3)L at high Hitstun Decay. 

… – Vanish – (whiff j236L) – (delay) jLL(3)jcLL(3)L – j236L~LL

Superdash Confirm

SD – jLL(3)jcLL(3)L – j236S

Super dash Confirm Side Switch 

SD – jL(delay)M(2)(delay)jcLL(3)L – j236S

The amount of hits on JM and delay time depends on the SD angle.

2H Punish 

3621 dmg | +0.8 Bar

2H – SD – jLL(3)jcLL(3)L – j236L~LL

DR Confirm 

3018 dmg 1 +1.5 Bar

DR – jLL(3)jcLL(3)L – j236L~LL

Basic Assist Extension 

2M5M – j214M – jH – jS2S – SD – jLL(3)jcLL(3)L – jS – j236M~MM – A1 – DR – 214M

If none of the following examples work with your team, this one works with basically anything.

Tracking Assist Combo 

5896 dmg 1 +1.75 Bar 

2M5M – 214M – jH – jS2S – SD – jLL(3)jcLL(3)L – jS – j214M – A1 – j214M – A2 – 214S 

It is quite specific, but you get the idea. Similar assists include Gotenks, Vegito, and Hit.

2H Assist Combo 

-6.5k dmg | +0.2 Bar 

It provides a lot of damage for easy extensions.

2H – SD – (delay) jH – j236M~MM – A1 – 5L(2)L – 5M – sjLL(3)L – jS2S – SD – jLL(3)jcLL(3)L – j214H – Vanish – DR

Pop-Up Assist Extension 

5527 dmg I +1.55 Bar 

2M5M – 214M – jH – jS2S – A1 – j236[S] – jLL(3)L – jS2S – SD – jLL(3)jcLL(3) – j236L~MM 

It works with most assists. Instead of 236S, you can whiff a 236L.

4 Bar Sparkless TOD

2M5M – 214M – jH – jS2S – A1 – (whiff 236L) jLL(3)L – jS2S – SD – jLL(3)jcLL(3) – j236L~MM – A2 – DR – 214M – Lvl1 – Lvl2 – Lvl3

2 Bar Limit Break TOD

2M5H – 214S – Sparking – 66 2M5H – 5S – jH – 66 jM(2) – 5H – 5S2S – SD – jLL(3) – j236L~MM – Lvl5

(There’s a minimum height on the jH you have to reach to be able to airdash.)

3 Bar Solo TOD

5H – 214S – Sparking – 2M5H – 5S – jH – jS2S – 66 jH – jS2S – SD – jLL(3) – j214M – Vanish – 236S – Lvl5

Yes, solo, not limit break, You can do this with three characters alive.

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