GTA Advance Cheats

This guide shows all the cheats available in Grand Theft Auto for game boy advance. The cheats do not prevent players from achieving 100% completion, but they might affect the gameplay preventing you from completing the story or other missions.

Table of Contents

    Level Select

    You need to insert the following code on the main menu to unlock an option to display and select the three levels of the game.

    Left, Right, Up, Down, L, R, Start+A

    Activate Cheat Mode

    To trigger the cheats in-game, the player must enable cheat mode. It will also display the player’s coordinates on screen.


    Cheat #1


    This cheat is used to add $15,009 to your account.

    Left, Right, up, Down, L,L

    Cheat #2


    You can use this cheat to acquire all weapons available in the game.

    Left, Right, up, Down, A, A

    Cheat #3


    It replenishes the player’s  health and also repairs the car if you’re driving and it’s damaged.

    Left, Right, Up, Down, B,B

    Cheat #4


    It will provide you with the full armor.

    Left, Right, Up, Down, A, L

    Cheat #5

    Lower Wanted Level

    This cheat will lower your wanted level one star at a time.

    Left, Right, Up, Down, A,R

    Cheat #6

    Raise wanted level

    You can use this cheat to rRaise your wanted level one star at a time.

    Left, Right, up, Down, R, A

    Cheat #7

    Max wanted level or remove wanted level

    It will set your wanted level to six stars or remove all the stars.

    Left, Right, up, Sown, R,R

    Cheat #8 

    Non-Hostile gangs or hostile gangs

    This cheat is used to make all gangs non-hostile or hostile. Only available after completing the storyline.

    Left, Right, Up, Down, B, R

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