GTA Chinatown Wars Easter Eggs and Secrets

This guide will provide you with all the details about GTA Chinatown War easter and secrets. 

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    Easter Egg #1

    Here Be Dragons:

    At each corner of the map under the sea, a sign reads “Here Be Dragons!”.

    This sign is a clear reference to old European folklore, which theorized that unexplored areas of the Earth were home to mythological beasts.

    Easter Egg #2

    Smiley Face:

    The classic rockstar Leeds smiley face can be found underwater north of the northernmost tip of Bohan.

    This easter egg appeared on a hidden wall in GTA liberty city stories and twelve hidden signs in vice city stories.

    Easter Egg #3

    Under The Sea: 

    At the bottom of the ocean surrounding Liberty City, you can find shipwrecks and other interesting details. Most notably, there’s a pirate ship near happiness island, a tug boat wreck from GTA IV north of Northwood, and nuclear waste barrels near firefly island beach.

    Easter Egg #4

    Mr. Wong:

    Behind Mr. Wong’s launderette in the broker, there’s a Mr. Wong statue with the store’s tagline “if it ain’t wrong, it ain’t white” written on the floor. This easter egg can only be found on the PSP version of the game.

    Easter Egg #5

    Sum Yung Gai:

    Wu Lee’s Chinese restaurant in Cerveza heights is called Sum Yung Gai, a homophone of ‘some young guy’ and a reference to Wayne’s World movie in which Wayne says, “I’ll have the cream of sum Yung Gai.”

    Easter Egg #6

    Huang’s Voice:

    If you drive your vehicle into the water and refuse to break open the car’s glass, you can hear Huang yelling “s#*t!” before dying. It is a quote from a random triad pedestrian in GTA iv and the only voice-acted dialogue line from the protagonist.

    Easter Egg #7

    Huang’s Outfit:

    Easter Egg Huang’s voice, together with the various sounds Huang makes when he’s hit, on fire, or killed. He can also be heard coughing upon finding a moldy burger or hot dog in a dumpster. In addition to this, the game reuses Niko Bellic’s grunts when Huang climbs over a ledge.

    In the PSP version, his look has been changed to reflect better the artwork used to advertise the game. He wears a red shirt, a light green jacket, and blue jeans in both gameplay and cutscenes.

    The Mobile edition uses an amalgamation of the two versions. The cutscenes are from the PSP, but Huang’s model is based on the DS version.

    Easter Egg #8

    Hot Coffee

    The “Coffee” gag has become a running joke in multiple GTA games since the hot coffee controversy in GTA San Andreas. At the end of the mission, pursuit farce Huang offers ling “coffee”, but she declines his advance saying “very funny.”

    Easter Egg #9

    Hard as a Rock

    On the beach of Firefly Island, a group of rocks can be found arranged into the shape of a penis.

    Easter Egg #10

    El Burro & Toni C.

    El Burro is one of the oldest recurring characters in the grand theft auto series. He’s a character in the first GTA, a phone contact in GTA iii. In Chinatown Wars, he’s a dealer for the Spanish lords found in Fortside, Bohan.

    Huang will also receive a spam email about investing in bawsaq from someone Named Toni C, referring to Toni Cipriani, the protagonist of GTA Liberty city stories and a major character in GTA iii.

    Easter Egg #11

    Don Alonso Alonso,

    One of the random characters in the game is based on the character Don Quixote from the Spanish novel, The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha by Miguel De Cervantes.

    Hon Alonso, the real name of Quixote in the novel, is Alonso Quijano, and his main quest in life is to defeat ferocious giants. For Don Quixote, those creatures were in reality, windmills. While in the game, Alonso attacks a bus, thinking it’s a dragon.

    Hon Alonso, the real name of Quixote in the novel, is Alonso Quijano, and his main quest in life is to defeat ferocious giants. 

    Curiously, Alonso wears a yellow smiley face pin with bloodstains that sort of resembles the comedian’s badge from the graphic novel and movie, watchmen.

    Easter Egg #12

    Funny How?

    In the mission, missed the boat? An Italian smuggler asks Huang Lee if he is funny “like a clown?”. It references a famous scene in the 1990 film Goodfellas, which Huang states that he has watched. 

    Easter Egg #13

    Revenge of the Girls 

    The random encounter with Cherie is a funny reference to the popular notion and controversy that most people pin on the GTA series: paying hookers for their services and then killing them to get the money back.

    Easter Egg #14

    Wilhelm Scream

    When Wilhelm, one of the random characters in the game, jumps from the bridge in his last encounter, you can hear the “Wilhelm scream”, a famous stock sound effect that has been used in at least 400 films and tv series.

    Easter Egg #15 

    Triads Tattoo

    One of the ten tattoo designs that can be inked at the tattoo parlor is the logo for the Portland triads in GTA III.

    Easter Egg #16

    Fourth Wall 

    Wall Kenny breaks the fourth wall in the opening cutscene of the mission rat race, saying: “it’s time for a close-up of me looking moody”, and the screen gets closer to his face.

    Easter Egg #17

    Mr. Traitor Boss 

    During the mission, by myriads of swords, if you look closely at the traitor boss ids, it’s possible to see that they are named “Mr. Traitor Boss One”, signed “Boss One” and “Boss Two”.

    Easter Egg #18

    Rare Banshee

    In the mission to clear the pier, you’ll find yourself driving this unique banshee. If you manage to push it inside one of your garages, the vehicle will be duplicated, allowing you to get a copy of his customized banshee.

    Easter Egg #19

    Taxi on the Island

    Select the dealer Osama in happiness island as the destination and skip the taxi ride. You can get the cabbie on the island and drive it around despite it being impossible to transport vehicles on this part of the map.

    Easter Egg #20

    Media Culture

    The names of some missions, trophies, and vehicles in GTA Chinatown Wars are references to movies, tv-series, books, and more. The name of the mission pursuit force is a reference to the 2005 PSP guide pursuit force.

    The name of the mission tricks of the triad references the saying “tricks of the trade”.

    The name of the mission Natural Burn Killer is referenced to the 1994 crime film Natural Born Killers.

    The mission’s name pimp his ride is an obvious reference to the tv show pimp my ride.

    The name of the mission, Whack the Racers, references the 1968 animated TV series Wacky Races.

    The name of the mission, Jackin’chan, references the Hong Kong martial artist and actor Jackie Chan.

    The mission’s name, Carpe Diem, is a play on the Latin phrase “Carpe Diem” which means seize the day.

    The mission’s name, Store Wars, is a very obvious reference to the popular film series Star Wars.

    The mission’s name, Kenny Strikes Back, references the 1980 movie Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.

    The mission’s name, The Fandom Menace, is an obvious reference to the 1999 Star Wars movie, The Phantom Menace.

    The name of the mission, The Tow Job, is a play on the sexual act of a blowjob.

    The entire mission, Street of Rage, references the classic genesis/Megadrive beat ’em up game series, Street of Rage.

    The name of the mission, Dragon Haul Z, references the Japanese anime series Dragon Ball Z.

    The name of the mission, Operation Northwood, could reference the CIA’s proposed operation, Northwoods.

    The mission’s name is Faster Pusher Man! sell is a reference to the exploitation film Easter Pussycat kill.  

    The mission’s name, the World’s Stooge, is a spoof on Shakespeare’s poem all the world a stage.

    The mission’s name, The Wages of Hasin, references the Bible Quote for the Wages of Sin is Death. The name of the mission, Rat Race, could reference a song by Bob Marley & The Wailers.

    The name of the mission hit from the tong references Cypress Hill’s track hits from The Bong.

    The name of the sports car resolution x is a reference to the 1994 arcade game revolution x.

    The silver safe trophy that you can unlock with the dealing minigame is given by “the most honorable fut tze and dau jonz tongs.

    The name is a play on the fise 100 and dow jones industrial average stock exchange indexes.

    The wooden spoon trophy that you can unlock with the dealing minigame is given by “the ill-favoured wan dee tong”.

    The name is a pun on the term “wanker” used in British slang to denote a jerk or a person who masturbates. 

    GTA Chinatown Wars features many easter eggs, references, and landmarks from the GTA IV version of Liberty City.

    The hot coffee shop signs can be found scattered throughout liberty city; this is a reference to the hot coffee controversy from GTA San Andreas.

    Inside the courtyard of the civilization committee building at Hatton gardens, there is a statue with a traffic cone on its head.

    It references the equestrian Wellington statue in Glasgow, where copping the statue with a traffic cone has become a traditional practice.

    In the mini-golf course on firefly island, there are a few miniature structures that characterize the landscape in San Andreas and vice city,

    Like the big pecker statue, the Jefferson Towers of Los Santos, the ocean view hotel, and the lighthouse from vice city.

    One of the brands you can see in GTA IV is big al’s furniture, a nod to al Capone, who was officially the furniture shop owner.

    The city is full of sexual references, like the number 69, the sign of the memory lanes bowling alleys,

    Pibwasser Beer Billboards, Or The Monument “Le Knobeliske” In Middle Ark That Resembles Male Genitalia.

    Check out “GTA 4 easter eggs and secrets “for more easter eggs found in liberty city. 

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