GTA Protagonist’s Personal Cars & How they got them

This guide will provide you with the details of all the Grand Theft Auto protagonist’s personal cars & how they got them. 

Table of Contents

    Claude’s 1st Vehicle

    Bulletproof Patriot

    During Mission Maked Man, Ray promised Claude a reward.

    Later at the airport, he gives Claude the key to his lockup. Finally, he texted “take care of my bulletproof patriot”. 

    However, Claude was also seen in a mission of GTA SA, you can see Claude here tuning his ZR350 car.

    Tommy’s only Vehicle?

    Speeder Boat

    In mission All Hands on Deck! Cortez gave Tommy his boat. However, the boat he got is white instead of red, original red boat during the mission.

    There are other vehicles spawn in his mansion, but the game never claims them to be his personal.

    Carl’s First Car


    Carl got this car during mission Cesar Vialpando, Car is given to Cj by this guy who owes Sweet a bigtime. Cj can choose to mod this car and the car can be saved after the mission.

    Carl’s Second car


    This car was introduced in mission Jizzy, Later in the mission, Jizzy told Carl to keep/dump the car.

    Toni’s First Car

    Hellenbach GT

    It was seen in Mission Snuff owned by Sindacco member, JD owed money to Toni, and he gave his car to him.

    Toni’s 2nd Car (GTA lll)

    Mafia Sentinel.

    In mission Cipriani’s Chauffeur, Toni collects this car from Joey. This car might be provided by the mafia (Toni is a member).

    Toni’s 3rd car


    It’s always parked in front of Toni’s house.

    Vic’s only Car?


    It’s still a mystery who gave this car to Vic. In the mission, Vic gets kicked out of the army, and the car is lost forever.

    Niko’s 1st Car


    In mission No. 1 Brucie’s Banshee was not starting, he decided to borrow steve’s comet Later Bruce gave this comet to Niko

    Niko’s 2nd Car


    Niko will get a call from Bernie about a car. Technically, the car is from Bryce as he gifted it to Bernie.

    Johhy’s only ride

    Hexer Bike

    Luiz’s first Car

    Super Drop diamond

    After completing a mission for the man who has everything Yusuf will call Luiz and gift his car to him 

    Luiz’s 2nd vehicle?

    Golden Buzzard

    Buzzard is available after the final mission departure time. From yusuf text, it seems Luiz can borrow it, not own it.

    Michael’s 1st Car

    Obey Tailgator

    Jimmy drugged Michael and stole his tailgator.

    After that, Michael rented a premier for some time. Later in the mission,  Monkey Business, tailgator returned with upgrades.

    De danta’s also have 2 other cars

    Tracey’s Issi

    Amanda’s Sentinel

    Both these cars also behave like personal vehicles.

    Michael’s Boat 


    This beat got stolen during the mission Father/son.

    Michael’s Rusty


    Michael can get this tractor on a mission unknowing the truth. If Michael chooses not to kill cult members he’ll get a gift and if Michael kills them he’ll get $2M so the tractor does cost him a lot.

    Trevor’s 1st car

    Canis Bodhi

    After the Mission Hang Ten, Bodhi will get Mr, Raspberry jam in front, RIP Mr, Rasberry jam.

    Trevor’s 2nd Vehicle


    This frogger was provided by FIB in mission Three’s company. After the mission, Trevor kept it and gave it a personal touch. After ending B & C, Trevor also gets a Hot Rod Blazer.

    Franklin’s 1st Car

    Buffalo S

    Franklin’s Bike


    Bagger first appeared in Mission repossession, This Bike originally belongs to Esteban Jumenez of vagos Gang, Later Lamar took the bike for himself A mission Later Lamar Texted Frandkin & Gave him the bike, and speaking of online, Franklin’s Buffalo STX can be seen in agency.

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