GTA San Andreas – Behind the scene secrets you didn’t know

This guide will provide you with all the Behind-the-scenes secrets in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. 

Where is the big smoke coming from?  

Let’s have a look at the behind the scenes of mission “big smoke”. See where he is coming from. 

Here’s how he appears. 

But if you dig deeper, you will find he is positioned under the floor! 

Call from sweet! 

During the mission “Sweet’s girl,” CJ receives a call from sweet. He is in Playa Del Seville. But CJ is not in front of sweet’s house when answering! 

He is right next to sweet in Playa Del Seville.

Kick to the crack dealer

Here he is kicking!

Torturing CJ 

You can probably guess Catalina is not inside (only her voice is added for the cutscene), but let’s see what happens. 

It is inside her house; CJ is standing inside this “black box” until the cutscene ends. 

Where are they “hanging”? 

Maccer and Kent Paul are hanging during the intro cutscene of the mission “Freefall”.  But no one exactly knows where they are. 

They are placed outside of the building. 

No driver? 

The taxi CJ is coming to Grove Street has no driver when he gets “arrested”. 

Portland Island in low resolution! 

In the mission “saint mark’s bistro,” Salvatore sends CJ to the city library to kill Marco Forelli and his bodyguards. ” 

Here developers have used the same GTA III portland island for the mission but low resolution. 

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