Gta V How To Get A Bodyguard ?

This guide will tell how you can get a Bodyguard in GTA V.
The first thing you will need to do is install the ENT mod and then press the “F4” key to open this mod.

After that, click on Bodyguards and then click “Spawn Bodyguard:Prisoner”. A prisoner bodyguard will spawn as a result.

Move closer to any person and click on “Add Nearest Ped As Bodyguard”. The closest person will become your bodyguard.

You can also have your character as a bodyguard. Go to “Choose Model”, then “players” and select Trevor.

Then go back to Bodyguards and click on “Spawn Bodyguard:Trevor”. Trevor will spawn in front of you as a bodyguard.

You can change the weapons of your bodyguards. Go to “Choose Weapons” and click “Toggle All Weapons On” or select any particular weapon.

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