GTA V Which is the Fastest Cayo Perico DLC vehicle

Go through this guide and you will find which are the fastest Cayo Perico DLC vehicles.

Kraken Submersibles


Price: 1,545,000

Top Speed: 27 km/h, 16.8 mph


The vehicle on rank 20 is AVISA. The price of AVISA is 1,545,000 and the best speed is Top Speed: 27 km/h, 16.8 mph.


Kurtz 31 Petrol Boat

Price: 2.955,000

Top Speed (approximately): 55 km/h, 34.2 mph


The vehicle on rank 19 is Kurtz 31 Petrol Boat. The price of the Kurtz 31 Petrol Boat is 2.955,000 and the top speed is 55 km/h, 34.2 mph.



Price: 2,200,000

Speed on the Water surface: 84km/h, 52.8 mph

Speed under water: 34 km/h, 19 mph

Rank: 18

The next vehicle on the list is Kosatka. Its price is $2,200,000 and the top speed underwater is 34 km/h, 19 mph and the speed on the water surface is 84km/h, 52.8 mph.



Price: 1,630,000

Top Speed: 97 km/h, 60.3 mph

Rank: 17

The vehicle on rank 17 is Vetir which costs $1,630,000. The best speed of Vetir is 97 km/h, 60.3 mph.


Dinghy Weaponized

Price: 1,850,000

Top Speed: 100 km/h, 62.1 mph

Rank: 16

The next vehicle on the list is Dinghy Weaponized. The best speed of Dinghy Weaponized is 100 km/h, 62.1 mph.


Veto Classic

Price: 895,000

Top Speed: 105 km/h, 65.2 mph

Rank: 15

The vehicle on rank 15 is Veto Classic. Its price is $895,000 and the best speed is 105 km/h, 65.2 mph.


Veto Modern

Price: 995,000

Top Speed: 110 km/h, 68.5 mph

Rank: 14

The next vehicle on the list is Veto Modern. The best speed of Veto Modern is 110 km/h, 68.5 mph, and the price is $995,000.



Price: 1,100,000

Top Speed: 114 km/h,70.8 mph

Rank: 13

The vehicle on rank 13 is Winky. The price of $1,100,000.and the best speed is 114 km/h,70.8 mph.



Price: 192,000

Speed without lean-in: 124 km/h, 77.0 mph

The speed with lean is 133 km/h, 82 mph

Rank: 12

The next vehicle on the list is Verus. The speed without lean-in is 124 km/h, 77.0 mph and with lean in is 133 km/h, 82 mph. The price of Verus is $192,000.



Price: 610,000

Top Speed: 136 km/h, 84.5 mph

Rank: 11

The vehicle on rank 11 is Brioso. The price of Brioso is $610,000 and the top speed is 136 km/h, 84.5 mph.



Price: 2,125,000

Top Speed: 140 km/h, 87 mph

Rank: 10

The next vehicle on the list is LongFin. The price of LongFin is $2,125,000 and the best speed is 140 km/h, 87 mph.



Price: 1,130,000

Top Speed: 160 km/h, 99.4 mph

Rank: 09

The vehicle on rank 9 is Squaddie. The price of Squaddie is $1,130,000 and the best speed is 160 km/h, 99.4 mph.



Price: 870,000

Top Speed: 164 km /h, 101.9 mph

Rank: 08

The next vehicle on the list is Weevil. The price is $870,000 and the best speed is 164 km /h, 101.9 mph.



Price: 1,130,000

The speed with suspension down 132 km /h, 82 mph

The speed with suspension up to 170 km /h, 105.6 mph

Rank: 07

The vehicle on rank 7 is Slamtruck. The price of a Slamtruck is $1,130,000. The speed with suspension down is 132 km /h, 82 mph and the speed with suspension up is 170 km /h, 105.6 mph.


Itali RSX

Price: 3,465,000

Top Speed: 209 km /h, 129.9 mph

Rank: 06

The next vehicle on the list is Itali RSX. Its price is 3,465,000 and its top speed is 209 km /h, 129.9 mph.



Price: 3,660,000

Without Boost Speed (On Land): 177 km /h, 109.9 mph

With Boost Speed (On Land): 224 km /h, 139.2 mph

Without Boost Speed (In Water): 50 km /h, 31 mph

With Boost Speed (In Water): 101 km /h, 62.7 mph


The vehicle on rank 5 is Toreador. The speed without a boost on land is 177 km /h, 109.9 mph and the speed with a boost is 224 km /h, 139.2 mph. The speed of Toreador without a boost in water is 50 km /h, 31 mph and with a boost is 101 km /h, 62.7 mph. Its price is 3,660,000.


Manchez Scout

Price: 225,000

Without Weelie: 160 km /h , 99.4 mph

With Wheelie: 227 km/h, 141.1 mph

Rank: 04

The next vehicle on the list is the Manchez Scout. The speed without a wheelie is 160 km /h, 99.4 mph and with a wheelie is 227 km/h, 141.1 mph.

Western Company

Annihilator Stealth

Price: 3,870,000

Top Speed: 238 km /h, 147.9 mph

Rank: 03

The vehicle on rank 3 is Annihilator Stealth. Its price is 3,870,000 and the best speed is 238 km /h, 147.9 mph.



Price: 1,815,000

Top Speed: 260 km /h, 161.6 mph

Rank: 02

The second fastest vehicle is the Sparrow which costs $1,815,000. The top speed of Sparrow is 260 km /h, 161.6 mph.

Stealth Bomber

R0-86 Alkonosh

Price: 4,350,000

Speed in High Altitude: 230 km /h, 142.9 mph

Speed in Low Altitude: 269 km /h, 167.1 mph

Rank: 01

The fastest vehicle is the R0-86 Alkonosh. The speed at high altitude is 230 km /h, 142.9 mph and the speed at low altitude is 269 km /h, 167.1 mph.

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