Gta Vice City – Behind the Scene Secrets

In this guide, you will find all Behind-the-scenes secrets that you didn’t know in Grand Theft Auto Vice City. 

Although it says Marco’s Bistro, Liberty City, 1986, it is really inside the ocean view hotel in Vice City.   

Check out this view!

Tommy’s escape 

Tommy’s Jump is not well-timed, although it seems perfect in the cutscene! 

Smiling Lance  

You can see Lance with a smiley face in the Maverick. 

Calling in the same building 

After the deal goes wrong, Tommy calls Sonny. But they are in the same building! 

Still characters 

Characters on the boat are not animated until they are seen in the game’s cutscene. 

Diaz “in” the staircase 

Diaz is stuck in the staircase during the first half of the cutscene!

It’s not him and his stallion! 

In the mission “Rub Out,” Lance drives a stallion. But he and his car are not used after that! 

A duplicate character is used for the cutscene. Also, a part of a vehicle is used as the trunk. 

Avery’s green two-wheel Limo! 

During the “Four Iron” mission, Avery comes in a black Limo. But for the cutscene, a green and white “two-wheel limo” is used. 

And no wheels on this side in the cutscene! 

Tommy on helicopter 

See how Tommy “hangs” on the helicopter during the “Phnom Penh ’86′” mission.  

Green Limo again! 

The two-wheeled green Limo is used for Avery’s mission cutscenes to see where they are at the beginning of the mission, “Demolition Man.” 

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