Pizza Boy Guide [Pie Guy Trophy] – GTA Vice City

This guide will let you know how to unlock the Pie Guy Trophy in Grand Theft Auto Vice City.

Well Stacked Pizza

Vice Point

You will need to hop on any pizza boy parked behind any well-stacked pizza in Vice City to start this job.

You have to perform a drive-by to make delivery.

Once you complete a set of orders, you must return to the pizza parlor to start the next level.

Also, If you run out of pizzas, you will have to return to well-stacked pizza and pick up more by stopping at the Checkpoint.

After delivering 10 Pizzas, you will unlock the trophy “Pie Guy”.

You have to complete a total of 10 levels in a row.

The reward for completing this mission is a health boost of 50 Points And $50,000.

Once completed, you cannot restart the side mission.

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