Guardian Tales Nari Guide

This guide will let you know everything about the character Nari in Guardian Tales

Nari is a ranged DPS champion, and she can strip the enemy of the defense and put out massive damage. Her main attack reduces the enemy’s defense by 20 percent, which lasts for 3 seconds, and it is the only ranged defense.  

The weapon skill with her X weapon is very rare; it is called Fox Fire Bomb. She can put down the whole heap of bombs and move while attacking; it will provide you a great advantage over the enemies. It is very helpful in the arena as well.  

The chain skill for Nari inflicts 300 DPS and increases the party member’s Crit Hit chance by 10 percent for 10 seconds, as shown in the image below.  

Nari also gives huge range of attack puffs for the party, and it will get you to team comps, and you can use this character in any team. 

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