Guide to Clean All Sets Domains in Genshin Impact

This guide will let you know how you can learn all the set domains in Genshin Impact. It will also provide you with the Eula Cryo build. 

You can use this team composition : 

Eula: Main DMG Dealer and 3 Supports Chongyun Albedo Zhongli

Basic Combo: Albedo’s E Zhongli’s Hold E Chongyun’s E Eula’s E twice Eula’s Ultimate, Eula’s Hold E.

Then you have to make normal attacks until the explosion and repeat the combo. Let’s have a look at Eula’s Support in detail for this build. 

Eula will be in a Cryo build because you will mainly use Shogun’s E, infusing her weapon with Cryo. With 2 Cryo’s Resonance, it will boost Crit Rate. Take note here of the 3.9s shown when using her “E”. As you can now see, Inside Chongyun’s E, Eula’s E is now a CD of 3.3s.

In an overall fight, less Co will lead to more Eula’s E and so more Cryo Dmg pairing with Cryo Weapon Infusion. Also, inside Chongyun’s E, you will get 8% Normal Atk Spd, perfect for more it on your Ultimate and during the Weapon Infusion. 

Finally, when Chongyun’s E disappears, the second Blade will also reduce opponent’s Cryo RES by 10% for 8s. 

You will have to max out Zhongli’s E Dominus Lapidis and give him as much HP as possible. You will only do his Hold E, which will give you a big shield based on his HP. For example, with a 46K HP Zhongli, you can get a shield absorption of more than 12k HP every 12s. 

Pairing with Albedo, 2 Geo Resonance, this shield will be stronger and boost your Dmg With Zhongli. First passive, this shield could be even more powerful, fortified up to 25% increase Shield Strength. Zhongli will also boost his Ultimate Dmg by 33% of max HP and E’s Dmg by 1.9% of max HP. Also, the Jade shield will decrease Elem and Phys RES of opponents by 20%.

Finally, Zhongli with the 4TS Tenacity of the Millelith will permanently boost your Atk Dmgwell. Let’s check this in a short example, as you can see Eula has an Atk of 2684, with Zhongli’s E dealing Dmg her Atk is now at 2874.

Putting Albedo’s E near Zhongli’s Pillar will extend the Dmg Range for a nearly Perma Atk Buff and deal massive Aoe dmg inside Albedo’s E with a lot of shield crystal to get. 

Now that you have understood the power of Eula’s Support, let’s chain all Domains.  Beginning with Tenacity and Pale Flame Sets Domain, you have to do the Basic Combo shown at the beginning. 

There are some tips for some particular domains. For this domain, you have to focus on this monster (the electro one).

You can easily kill the second while freezing him. Don’t forget to refresh the shield (redo the combo). You are not obliged to do all the combo; adapt it.

Next is the Crimson witch of flames and Lavawalker, which sets domain, your priority is to keep the Jade Shield always on you.

So refresh it, and Dmg like you want after your best way to deal with Maģe Shields is ultimate with Zhongli.

Now you have understood the importance of refreshing the Jade shield and taking the right Crystal Shield. Let’s chain with the Viridescent Venerer and Maiden Beloved Sets Domain.

There is nothing particular here; do the combo and focus on the Electro girl, and the Stealth one Albedo helps us a lot with all that big Aoe Geo Blossom dmg when we attack. Now it is the turn of the Thundering fury, and the Thundersoother sets domain. 

Keep your ultimate for the 2 Girls; slimes are too weak for it. It is really fun to kill everything without losing life.

Let’s head to your Cryo set now, the Icebreaker and the Ocean Conqueror set Domain. 

Here we will use Zhongli’s Ultimate to deal with the mage.

As you can see, even with your shields, you continuously live if the Frozen bar is full.  Just farm this domain if you don’t have her 4TS Icebreaker, one of the easiest domains now, the Noblesse Oblige, and Bloodstained Chivalry Sets Domain. You can use the trick to pack them. 

It is important to keep the camera like this, and when you see the 3rd mage coming, you have to do the combo With Zhongli’s Ultimate like the previous domain. 

Try to have Zhongli’s Ultimate ready for this fight, and it will be your easiest domain clean. 

Finally, there is Archaic Petra and the Retracing Bolide Sets Domain. You have to do like usual and use Zhongli’s Ultimate for the mages when they are packed. If you prioritize damage over shields, you will lose some life.

Now you have learned everything for Sets domains. Let’s now see all the character builds.

Eula Cryo Build

Her Crit Rate will be boosted with her 4TS And Cryo Reso. So, you just have to focus on crit Dmg. Let’s have a look at the two resonances that you can use.

Cryo and Geo Resonance boosting Crit Rate% / Shields / Dmg%/ Reduce Geo Res%. 

Chongyun’s Build with 4TS Archaic Petra.  

This Build is an example not fully upgraded. This claymore could also be good for Eula for faster ultimate and a good dmg boost after ultimate.

You have to take Cryo crystal with Chongyun I to gain the Cryo Dmg boost for Eula.  

It will boost the Damage you deal while hitting a monster in the flower circle. Zhongli’s Build is based on HP. Just take any weapon artifact boosting your HP.

This staff is perfect for him to switch Enhance If you can give him 4TS Tenacity of the Millelith. It will “permanently” boost Eula’s Atkich. Try to max his E out, Dominus Lapidis. The more level it gets the more powerful your jade shield will be. 

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