Guide to Create Characters in Skyrim

Customize your character

One of the best things about Bethesda’s role-playing games is the measure of control that they give you in order to customize the appearance of your character. This article is basically designed to give you some standard of beauty and then enabling you to create attractive and good looking characters by yourself!

If you have been playing the game already and you are not satisfied with how your character looks, you can customize it!

The role of appearance

Your appearance matters a lot and character customization is an essential feature in role playing games. In a linear game you don’t have a greater chance of changing your appearance and you have to continue playing with the appearance that you have been provided in the game. Whereas, in role playing games the developer gives you all the liberty to customize your character and write your own story. That makes role playing games much more interesting than linear games!

Once you have personalized your character, you try to get familiar with the avatar that you have just designed. This enables you to bring something out from your imagination to this real world. This also strengthens the bond between you and your character and becomes the means of absorption. If you fail to design a character just like you have envisioned, the character may not captivate you to the maximum level.

All the players wish to choose someone with exceptional physical and mental capabilities. Everyone wants their character to have stunning looks that gives them superiority over others.

The prime purpose of this guide is to help all those people who have problem in creating the character they have envisioned in their minds. The guide will tell you each and everything to customize your character and make the most out of this game!

A few tips and tricks for customizing your character

Making your character look exactly the way you want them to look is not as easy as it seems. Beauty means different things to different people. You have to develop a rough sketch in your mind and then materialize it by customizing your character.


To go through a simple and easy customization that makes your character look beautiful you have to drag all the sliders in the middle of the picture and slide all the textures to the left side. This will lighten up your skin and give you a fairer complexion. But you are not done yet. You have got all the time in the world to customize your nose, lips, ears, eyes. A majority of the players will be content with the changes that they have made to their characters.

Shave off your hair and start out as a bald

A decent hairstyle adds much to one’s personality. Start with your head shaved. This will enhance your chances of having a good hairstyle. A good hair style will make you look attractive by sharpening your facial cuts and improving your features.

Begin with a clean face

Like a shaved head, you will have to begin with a shaved face. Cleanse all the war paint, scars and make up and let your skin glow. Also, this will allow you to stick to the primary objective. Leave this task till the very end.

Choosing between human or animal

It’s in the beginning of the game when you have to make up your mind that you would either go with a human race or a beast race. If you want to go for a human resembling character eliminate exaggerated features. In case you want to go for a beast resembling character, you will definitely have to exaggerate your facial features.

Be particular with elves

In case you choose to go with the elves, you will have to make the following changes; shorten the chin, make the faces wider and finally go for small nose and eyes. The problem with elves is that they have long and thin faces that enable them to stand out among other species. Another problem with elves is that they have human like features and mostly bear resemblance to them, making slight changes in the character would make them look ugly.

Don’t go for the perfect face

Don’t be too idealistic and don’t worry about making a perfect face in your first attempt. It might take some time before you come up with something reasonable. So have patience and wait for that!

Choose the race

You must choose a race that fits exactly to your character. This mainly depends on your priorities, whether it’s your appearance that matters to you the most or is it your race? You can come up with a very attractive character in any race but if you have envisioned something really different, then you must choose a race that is close to the sketch in your mind.

Focus on tiny details

Making a beautiful face requires massive attention. It will require you to put all your focus behind it as you have to be very careful about minute details.

Little application of facial cosmetics

You should take extreme care while applying facial makeup or using other cosmetics. Lighter and dull shades give you a more soft and natural look. It doesn’t rule out the possibility for brighter tones. You may use them depending upon the situation in order to give a more striking effect instead of making your characters look better.

Step away from your creation

Sometimes just because of our inspiration we compromise on our objectivity. A face that looks perfectly fine during customizing may not satisfy us once we are done with it. So to avoid that, you have to take all your time in customizing your character and coming up with the best appearance for yourself. Don’t hassle!

Beauty means different things to different people

Everyone has his own definition of beauty. Some people like big eyes, some people find tan complexion more attractive. So as I have just mentioned that every single one of us has his own way of defining beauty. Similarly, big eyes and full lips are often accentuated in the cartoons to depict true beauty.

The anatomy of beauty

The first thing you are going to do before everything else is to figure out your own definition of beauty:

View more and more pictures

The best way of doing is to view the pictures of many men and women that you find really attractive. Try to properly notice their features and apply these techniques once you start customizing your favorite characters.

First things first

Focus on the frontal view before everything

Looking pictures from the front will give you a better idea about the features and help you make a better judgment. Try to figure out the shape of the head from the front. Look whether it’s round, oval or square? Check out the width of the jaws. Noticing all these things will help you customize your picture.

Notice the cheek bones

Examine your cheek bones carefully. Check whether they are high or low? Wide or narrow? High cheekbones are seen as attractive and many people consider them to be a symbol of beauty. But there are a lot of people who look beautiful with undefined cheek bones. So it can be said that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder!

Facial features

Noticing the facial features properly is the most important part. Once you are done with examining the face, you have to take notice of the more prominent features like eyes, nose, and lips (no control over your ears, so they can’t be customized)


Do the people you find beautiful have big or small eyes? Are there greater spaces between the two or not? Are they bulging out or deep-set in the socket? You need to concentrate on all these points before you can customize your dream character.


Which shape of nose do you find most attractive? What should be the ideal size of the nose? Should it be deep or shallow? Bridged or hooked? Well it all depends upon your choice; you can customize the characters the way you want!

Mouth and lips

Mouth and lips come in different shapes like eyes and nose. It’s not just the matter of being big or small. Lips come in different shapes like they may be long or thin or fat or heavy. Many of them have exquisite curves while some are completely shapeless.

Examining these features carefully will assist you in coming up with a face of your choice.

On rigorously examining the facial features you will conclude that all these faces have extremely different features and it’s hard to choose a particular set of features that matches your choice. You might experience few problems while forming your character. The features that seemed attractive to you in isolation may not look as attractive when combined. This problem surfaces because every face has its unique set of features which highly depends on the balance or harmony existing between them.

Tweaking features

The features that you find attractive may not go with a certain shape of the face. Big eyes and big nose may not go with a small sized shape, as there will be no sufficient room and it would give it an artificial look. Similarly, small eyes and lips on a big face may look the same way combining entirely different features like big eyes and small lips may look equally odd.

Striking a balance

One needs to strike a delicate balance between the face size and the size of lips and eyes. There must exist harmony between them. For example, going for larger lips require large nose and large eyes, otherwise the entire combination will look odd and fail to put an impression.

Balancing the features is a challenging task. Even a minor change in any feature will require you to make little changes in some other parts too.

Pushing polys

Excess of anything is bad. Too much tweaking can disfigure your face. It may take away the natural texture and give your face an artificial look. Such faces are said to be mannequin faces. The best way to avoid such faces is to look for different combinations before creating your epic!

Maintaining balance is the key

As mentioned earlier, striking a delicate balance is of pivotal importance. Widening the jaw may exercise an impact on the mouth and even the eyes, because it is going to alter the relationship between them. So everything is interconnected, it can’t be examined in isolation.

The makeover challenge

You can experiment with various features that you don’t find too attractive in order to use the sliders properly. Pick a random feature that you wouldn’t choose actually and try to make a beautiful and attractive face out of that. Experimenting different features on different faces will enable you to make beautiful faces even with ordinary features. You may choose an ugly preset and turn it into something awfully beautiful. It’s all about practice!

Beauty Mods

If you are playing on your PC, you can beautify your characters in many ways by downloading mods.

Detailed faces by
Enhance the resolution of the maps.
High quality eyesBring a noticeable change in the appearance of your character by making
the eyes look beautiful.
Detailed lips by XeniusEnhances the lip detail.
Less harsh elvesRemove the dark circles and wrinkles under the eyes.
Better females by BellaGive a more glamorous look to your character.

Give your character a character

This is an amusing part that is enjoyed by majority of the gamers. Here you get a chance to play with things like scars, war paint and dirt. You can use any of these tools to give attitude and social class to your characters. Nothing is perfect. Everything has visible or hidden flaws. So, don’t go for a perfect character. Give your best and add little imperfections to give them life and make them look rather real!

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