Guide to Get Devil Wing – Ragnarok M Eternal Love

In this brief guide, you will come to know how to get this +5% Dmg, devil wing in Ragnarok M Eternal Love. It is one of the best wings for any job (excluding sniper/some gacha wing).

Pre-quest required: GH Story Quest. 

Test of antiquity, a strange enemy, Glast Heim fog, hidden truth, (can check via adv. book) 

Test of antiquity= collect MVP quest drop from Btm Right of Glast Heim Gall. Special MVP will appear after defeating the special mob.  

You can go to crowded channels, like EN1, CN1, TH1, PH1, etc., looking for people who can help kill it. 

As long as you have green stamina left, it doesn’t matter you can’t hit the MVP (miss). You will still get the drop.

You will need to go to the entrance of GH Hall and talk to NPC to exchange collectible items.

MVP appears every 2 hours at the Glast Heim hall at the bottom left. 

MVP Change every week, a total of 4 types.

It means if you missed one of the MVPs, you need to wait another month for it.

You will find a specially named mob at GH chivalry & hall; you have to defeat them to collect the quest items. You will need green stamina to get the drop.

You have to check your quest bag; each item requires a fixed quantity to exchange into a collectible.

After that, open the Adv. Book and activate the collectible. 

You can form a party, turn a circle to farm, or stay alert to farm one by one.

For auto Farming 1 by 1, each named mob will appear every 5 min. If you are short of a royal medal, you can also activate lighting chains to farm. Each named mob drops 45 Royal Medals (with chain). 

You will need a Royal Medal to purchase the Devil Wings BluePrint with 30k+ 450 Black Wing.

To Farm Royal Medal with faster way: 

Go to GH Hall, find [Ghost Janissary Captain], one hour per spawn.

You have to defeat it to earn up to 310 Royal Medals (with a lightning Chain). Last is [Black Wing], you will need 450 of it. 

Every day at 8.30 pm GMT+7, at Glast Heim Hall, the Baphomet Jr Star will appear. Only the 1st attacker can get loot from the STAR mob, which means long-range will be a great advantage to farm it.

Fire Arrow Shower and Poison help you to kill the mob fast. A daily quest also gives 6 per complete, but it costs some expensive mats. 

The cheaper way to get it is using a Meat Ball to buy it. 

Glast Heim Fog= Pick up all the yellow stars at GH Chivalry & Hall. (Level Requirement lv.87). This map is useless now; you have to follow the in-game Yellow star to pick up the item.

You will need to be Lv87 to see the yellow star appear on your map.

The Hidden Truth= Lv88 quest, go to GH Hall bottom right to accept the quest.

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