Guide To Research Facility, Upgrade Mission – Cyberika: Cyberpunk Rpg

This brief guide will let you know how to complete the Research Facility, Upgrade Mission in (Gang Of Augs – Cyberika): Cyberpunk RPG.

You can go there only when you reach 10+ levels; take some weapons, healing, and armor with you.

You can go left or right, no matter the invention in the top middle room.

Remember, you can’t leave this place until you clear; you will lose credits if you die. If you die, you have to start from the beginning.

Enter this main room as shown in the image below.

Now go to Lil swampy!

So, Tess and Lil will help you, and Boris will do something good for your arm.

Cyber module, iron fist, not bad, and looks cool.

You will find Boris downtown.

New missions, as Boris helped, so you have to do him a favor.

Kill the gatekeeper and enter.

You can use an iron fist here, which is effective, use it. Kill all of them and loot items.

Go back downtown and talk to Boris. Your level got up!

Task completed.

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