Gunfire Reborn – Controls Guide

Gunfire Reborn is a role-playing shooter game with FPS and rogue-lite elements. The players can choose to play as unique heroes with unique abilities who each have their own story within the game. You can play solo or start a four-player co-op game. You have to progress through different levels and pick up the weapons.

In this guide, you’ll find all the Controls to play Gunfire Reborn.

Gunfire Reborn Controls

Weapon I1Press 1 to Open Weapon I
Weapon II2Press 2 to Open Weapon II
Default Weapon3Press 3 to Use the Default Weapon
Last Weapon Used`Press ` to Use Last Weapon Used
Primary SkillEPress E to Use Primary Skill
Secondary SkillQPress Q to Use Secondary Skill
DashShiftPress Shift to Use Dash
Open / Close BackpackTabPress Tab to Open / Close Backpack
Interact / UseFPress F to Interact
ReloadRPress R to Reload Weapons
Weapon SkillRight Mouse ButtonPress Right Mouse Button to Use Weapon Skill
Interrupt ChargingMiddle Mouse ButtonPress Middle Mouse Button to Interrupt Charging
Switch Fire ModeBPress B to Switch Fire Mode
Move ForwardWPress W to Move Forward
Move BackwardSPress S to Move Backward
Move LeftAPress A to Move Left
Move RightDPress D to Move Right
JumpSpacePress Space to Jump
Switch to Previous WeaponMouse Wheel UpPress Mouse Wheel Up to Switch to Previous Weapon
Switch to Next WeaponMouse Wheel DownPress Mouse Wheel Down to Switch to Next Weapon
Fire WeaponLeft Mouse ButtonPress Left Mouse Button to Fire Weapon
Push-to-TalkTPress T to Push-to-Talk
Team InformationCPress C to Team Information
PingVPress V to Ping
Compare / RecycleZPress Z to Compare
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