Gusion Jungler Tips – Mobile Legends

This guide will provide you with advanced tips and tricks for Gusion Jungler in Mobile Legends. It will explain everything you need to know about Guison Jungler.


How to activate his passive?

Each time he casts a skill, it will add a rune to his dagger. After stacking three runes, the next basic attack will deal extra damage equal to 15%. 

Also, it restored 80% hp.

First skill:

He throws a dagger into a target dealing magic damage; you can also use it on minions, jungle creeps, lords, and turtles. 

Second skill:

He throws five daggers into a target dealing high magic damage; you can call back the daggers after using the skill within a time limit; dealing high magic damage also slows down enemies for 2 seconds. 


Gusion Jungler dashes forward in any direction and resets the cooldown of his first and second skills.  

You can also use it for dashing through a wall. 

Tips & Tricks:

You have to make sure to use his passive to finish off the enemies.


Combo 1:  1+1+2+3+2+1+2+1+2 

Combo 2:  1+2+1+2+3+2+1+1+2+3 (dash)  

Basic combo 3:  1+1+2+2

Basic combo 4:  1+2+2+1

Hard combo 5:   1+1+2+2+3+2+1+2+1+ basic attack

Hard combo 6:   1+2+2+1+3+2+1+2+1+ basic attack

Build, Emblem and Spell  

You can use this build (i7 build), and it works pretty well all the time.

It’s recommended to use retribution if you’re a jungler. 

You will need to use Flickr, purify or execute if you’re sidelane.

Make sure to max out boots for fast rotation. Also, magic penetration for more damage.

For talent emblems, you have to use mystery shops to get items quickly.

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