Hancock Fallout 4: (Complete Guide)

John Hancock was originally human of course, and his birth name was John McDonough, which should sound familiar because he is actually the brother of Diamond City’s mayor – Mayor McDonough. Before Hancock became a ghoul, he decided to leave Diamond City because his brother banished all the ghouls, and that decision resulted in the deaths of several innocent ghouls. So, Hancock finally decided to leave Diamond City and traveled to Good Neighbor. Before Hancock became a mayor, the Good Neighbor was ruled by a mob boss named Vic. Hancock overthrew Vic with the armed militia and he became mayor. After taking over the Good Neighbor, John used a radioactive drug that turned him into a ghoul.

Hancock currently resides in Good Neighbor in the old state house, but he will greet you at the door, and probably you might have seen it in the gameplay. But, in order to make him your companion, you need to complete the big dig side quest which is what you are going to see throughout the game. Here is a quick rundown of this quest: you are supposed to help a ghoul woman and you are supposed to score a big heist essentially. Also, you need to dig through the tunnels underneath the ground of commonwealth to try and get into the Diamond City storeroom. So, when you finally break into this storeroom, you come to realize that it is Hancock’s storeroom. That’s something you find out at the very end. Here, you will have two choices: you can either betray Bobby or you can kill the people that are guarding Hancock’s storeroom. In fact, it doesn’t matter which method you choose because Hancock will become your companion either way. So, no matter what your choice is, you will get this unique weapon known as the Ash Maker.

Once you are done, the quest will lead you back to the Hancock, so there is nothing mysterious about it.

When you finally meet Hancock, you will come to know that he wants to go back to the commonwealth to experience what is happening there as a common person. So, at this point you offer Hancock to come along with you, and he is most likely to say yes, I’ll join you.

Let me make one thing very clear: stats don’t reflect anything about the companionship. According to different sources, Hancock has different stats; some sources say he has 14 intelligence points while others say he has 7 points. So whatever the stats are, these are just technical details and reflect neither the companionship nor the endurance.

Another interesting thing worth mentioning is that Hancock is immune to radiation, and that makes sense because he is a ghoul. Just like any other companion in the game, Hancock has its own affinity, and this is essentially a companion loyalty system where Hancock will react to certain things you do out in the world as the player as long as he is following you. So, certain actions, choices and dialogues will reflect on Hancock, and he will let you know how he feels about a particular situation. Whether he loves something or hates something, you will see everything in the top left corner. Now, unfortunately, there is no explicit way to track it at the moment in the game, and maybe we will have it in the future update. But if you want a trick which will allow you to sort out whether Hancock loves something or not, then you can pay attention to the bar in the top left corner and this bar will have points on it. If you are moving near thousand, then Hancock likes you, and if the number on the bar is moving away from thousand, then Hancock dislikes you. If you want companionship perks or want to have romance with him, you need to maximize his affinity. So, you need to max it out in order to get his companion affinity perk and to open up the option to romance him.

Hancock has a set of general preferences on how he likes the players to act out in the world, and these are called his general affinity preferences. He likes it when the player is generous, peaceful or violent, but he also becomes extremely angry when the person is selfish or mean. In simple words, he likes it when any player is willing to help other people. He has got this weird mix of love for peace and violence at the same time.

He also has a set of specific preferences which are known as his specific affinity. Hancock likes it when any player donates items or gets naked. So, getting naked is something we can take advantage of in order to boost his affinity. He also hates the person who murders non-hostels or steals, so those are kind of good morality decisions made by Hancock. It is very difficult to decide whether he is morally good or not, but most of the times decisions made by him are good, so we can assume that he is good in his heart.

The fact that he likes it when a player gets naked is something we are going to take advantage of. In order to boost Hancock’s affinity, all you need to do, of course, is to have Hancock as your active companion, and then you need to go to the menu and remove all of your clothing. Just make sure that everything in the apparel category is unequipped.

Once you have done that, you need to fast travel to any location. I suggest you first fast travel to sanctuary and then move back and forth from sanctuary to red rocket. Once you have done all this, you are going to see in the top left corner that Hancock likes that. Once you have done that, go ahead and quick save the game, and then from the next time onwards, you are supposed to select that quick save.

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