Heavy Rifle In-Depth Guide – GTA Online

This guide will find everything you need to know about the Heavy Rifle in GTA 5 Online

To kill a person in a game, you will need ten shots on his body, and the damage drops to eleven shots to kill at 51 meters. The lock-on range of the heavy rifle is 65 meters, and the targets you shoot in free aim will hit up to 120 meters. Also, it is the same value as every assault rifle in the game. 

If you give one headshot with a heavy rifle from up to twenty-four meters, you can easily kill the enemy. The fire rate of the rifle is 493 RPM which is the same as a carbon rifle and advanced rifle. 

The heavy rifle will kill a player in 1.095 seconds which is also the same as the advanced rifle because they have the same damage and same rate of fire. The heavy rifles have a very low amount of vertical recoil compared to mark 2 weapons and have less accuracy while aiming, as shown in the image below.

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