Herbalist Challenge #8 Guide – Red Dead Redemption 2

HERBALIST 8: Herbalist 8: Use Oleander to Craft 6 Poison Weapons

Its prerequisite is to complete chapter 1, and rewards are 100 Health XP and $1. 

This guide will let you know how to complete this challenge in Red Dead Redemption 2. 

Before collecting the herbs, you need to learn the recipe to craft either a “Poison Throwing Knife” or a “Poison Arrow”.

You can collect the “Poison Throwing Knife” pamphlet from the poacher’s camp at the end of the Hunting Companion Activity with Charles.

Or you can find it inside a hole in the floorboard of a shack located north of Saint-Denis.

You can also buy at any Fence for $52.20 after completing the story mission “Pouring Forth Oil”.

You can collect the Poison Arrow pamphlet from a lockbox beside the Mysterious Hill Home in Ambarino, north of Bacchus Bridge.

You can also buy it from the Fence for $58.00.

To craft a Poison Arrow, you need an Arrow, a Feather, and a plant of Oleander Sage – cheaper but requires more time to collect all you need.

You only need a knife and the Oleander Sage-faster to craft the Poison Throwing Knife, but you need money.

The Oleander Sage is a little shrub with pink inflorescence, toxic in all its parts.

You can easily find it along the east riverbank of the Kamassa River in Siltwater Strand.

Once you have arrows or knives, the related pamphlet, and enough Oleander, set up camp and craft your deadly weapons.

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