Herbalist Challenge #9 Guide – Red Dead Redemption 2

HERBALIST 9: You will need to pick one of each species of herb. Its prerequisite is to complete “The Wheel” (Epilogue 1), and the rewards are 150 health XP and $20. 

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    This guide will let you know where you can find all the species of the herbs in Red Dead Redemption 2. 

    There are 43 herbs scattered around the world between the plants, roots, mushrooms, and flowers.

    37 of the 43 plants can be collected immediately after completing Chapter 1.

    Dakota River (x3)

    Dakota River (x3): Wild Mint, Common Bulrush, Burdock Root

    Painted Sky ExS)

    Painted Sky ExS): Alaskan Ginseng, Blackberry, Oregano, Yarrow, dan Tobacco, Violet Snowdrops, Wild Carrot, American Ginseng.

    Diablo Ridge (x4)

    Diablo Ridge (x4): Hummingbird Sage, Ram’s Head, Creeping Thyme, Raspberry.

    Maclean’s House (x5)

    Maclean’s House (x5): Milkweed, Oleander Sage, Evergreen Huckleberry, Golden Currant, Chanterelles.

    Lakay (x5)

    Lakay (x5): Acuna’s Star Orchid, Vanilla Flower, Rat Tail Orchid, Queen’s Orchid, Cigar Orchid.

    Caliga Hall (x4)

    Caliga Hall (x4): Night Scented Orchid, Ghost Orchid, Clamshell Orchid, Lady of the Night Orchid.

    Elysian Pool (x3)

    Elysian Pool (x3): Dragon’s Mouth Orchid, Sparrow’s Egg Orchid, Moccasin Flower Orchid.

    Manito Glade (x1)

    Manito Glade (x1): Wintergreen Berry.

    Siltwater Strand (x1)

    Siltwater Strand (x1): Spider Orchid.

    Flatnek Station (x1)

    Flatnek Station (x1): Parasol Mushroom.

    Downes Ranch (x1)

    Downes Ranch (x1): Bay Bolete.

    Watson’s Cabin (x1)

    Watson’s Cabin (x1): Lady Slipper Orchid.

    6 of these 43 herbs can only be collected in areas that are not available until the end of the first mission of Epilogue 1.

    You can use a glitch to visit New Austin early in the game and complete the challenge before that mission. 

    Rio Bravo (x2)

    Rio Bravo (x2): Red Sage, English Mace.

    Gaptooth Ridge (x2)

    Gaptooth Ridge (x2): Desert Sage, Blackcurrant.

    Cholla Springs (x1)

    Cholla Springs (x1): Wild Feverfew.

    Great Plains (x1)

    Great Plains (x1): Prairie Poppy.

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