Herbalist Challenge Guide – Red Dead Redemption 2

In Red Dead Redemption 2, there are 90 challenges spread across 9 main categories that are required for 100% completion of the game. These challenges can only be completed one at a time in a consecutive sequence. After you’ve completed all 90 challenges, you can unlock the Legend of the East Outfil.

Table of Contents

    Herbalist Challenge

    Herbalist 1: Pick 6 yarrow

    Reward: Herbalist off-Hand holster available at any trapper.

    You will need to complete chapter 1 for this. 

    Yarrow is a red flowering plant available almost everywhere in the world, particularly easy to spot in the heartlands.

    Herbalist 2: pick and Eat 4 species of berry

    Reward: 25 health xp, $5 

    You have to complete chapter 1 for this. 

    Blackberries grow in bushes and are easy to spot along the path south of downes ranch and all around the Dakota river.

    Raspberries are particularly common in the heartlands. The bushes are extremely easy to spot west of heartland overflow.

    Evergreen huckleberries are common in the bayou NWA various bushes can be found along the route north of Saint Denis.

    Wintergreen berry is a small green plant with red berries in the middle that can be found in Roanoke Ridge.

    It is easy to find east of Manito glade and between Doverhill and Willard’s rest.

    Herbalist 3: Craft 7 Items using Sage as an ingredient

    Reward: Herbalist gun belt available at any trapper.

    And it’s prerequisite is that you must have completed the chapter 1.

    Hummingbird sage is a flowering plant with purple flowers, it’s extremely common and easy to identify.

    Dozens of plants can be found in the area north of Maclean’s house along the Kamassa river.

    The easiest recipe to do with sage is the “potent horse stimulant”, which also requires the common bulrush.

    You can easily find lots of common bulrush along almost every river bank.

    If you don’t have an upgraded satchel, after crafting three tonics, leave the fire and discard or use the tonics to be able to craft more.

    Herbalist 4: Pick 5 mushrooms and feed them to your horse

    Reward: 50 Health Xp, $10 

    You will need to complete chapter 1 first. 

    You can find lots of parasol mushrooms around the flat neck station.

    Herbalist 5: Craft 9 items using indian tobacco as an ingredient

    Reward: 50 Health xp, $10

    It’s prerequisite is to complete Chapter 1.

    The entire area from painted sky to diablo ridge is filled with plants of indian tobacco, mostly along the ridge of the canyon.

    You will need to collect nine of them, then set up a camp to craft potent snake oil. This recipe requires a single indian tobacco.

    If you don’t have an upgraded satchel, discard or use the tonics to be able to 

    Herbalist 6: pick 15 different species of herb

    Reward: 100 health xp, $15

    You will have to complete chapter 1 for this. 

    The entire area from painted sky to disable ridge is filled with enough species of herbs to complete this challenge.

    Herbalist 7: Craft and use 5 special miracle tonics

    Reward: Herbalist holster available at any trapper 

    It’s prerequisite is to complete chapter 1.

    Before collecting the herbs, you have to learn the recipe to craft a special miracle tonic.

    You can collect the pamphlet inside a box in a camp in big valley, south of little creek river.

    Or if you have enough money, you can buy it at any fence for $61.65.

    Remember to read the pamphlet to learn the recipe before starting crafting.

    To complete the challenge, you will need to collect 30 yarrows, 30 burdock roots and 30 golden or black currants.

    For this challenge, it’s highly recommended to craft the legend of the east satchel or at least the ingredients satchel to avoid too much backtracking.

    Yarrow is a red flowering plant available almost everywhere in the world, particularly easy to spot in the heartland.

    Burdock root is a little green bush with purple inflorescence that grows along the Dakota riverbank, it is easy to spot and available in large numbers.

    Golden currant is extremely common in great plains, but it’s a common shrub in new hanover.

    You can find all the exemplars needed for the challenge in the area between Emerald station and Kamassa river.

    Once you have collected all the herbs required, you have to set up camp and craft one or more special miracle tonics.

    You can either consume the tonic immediately or slow it down to use it later.

    Remember that to complete the challenge you have to consume the five special miracle tonics crafted-other tonics won’t be considered valid.

    Herbalist 8: use oleander to craft 6 poison weapons

    Reward: 100 health xp, $15

    It’s prerequisite is to complete chapter 1. 

    Before collecting the herbs, you need to learn the recipe to craft either a “poison throwing knife” or a poison arrow”.

    The “poison Throwing knife” pamphlet can be collected from the poacher’s camp at the end of the hunting companion activity with charles.

    Or you can find it inside a hole in the floorboard of a shack located north of Saint Denis.

    It can also be bought at any fence for $52.20 completing the story mission “pouring forth oil”.

    The poison arrow pamphlet can be collected from a lockbox beside the mysterious hill home in ambarino north of Bacchus bridge.

    It can also be bought at the fence for $58.00.

    To craft a poison arrow, you need an arrow, a feather and a plant of leander  sage-cheaper, but requires more time to collect all you need.

    For the poison throwing knife, you only need a knife and the oleander-sage-faster to craft, but you need money.

    The olender sage is a little shrub with pink inflorescence, toxic in all itss paris. It can easily be found along the east river bank of the damassa river in stillwater strand.

    Once you have arrows or knives, the related pamphlet and enough oleander, set up camp and craft your deadly weapon.

    Herbalist 9: Pick one of each species of herb

    Reward: 150 Health Xp, $20 

    You will need to complete “The wheel” Epilogue 1 for this. 

    Between plants, roots, mushrooms and flowers, there are a total of 43 herbs scattered around the world  of red dead redemption 2.

    You can collect 37 of the plants immediately after completing chapter 1.

    Dakota river x3: wild mint, common bulrush, burdock root.

    Painted sky x8: Alaskan ginseng, blackberry, oregano, yarow, indian tobacco, violet snowdrops, wild carrot, american ginseng.

    Diable ridge x4: Hummingbird sage, ram’s head, creeping thyme, raspberry.

    Maclean’s house x5: milkweed, oleander sage, evergreen huckleberry, golden currant, chanterelles.

    Laky x5: Acuna’s star orchid, vanilla flower, rat tail orchid, queen’s orchid, cigar orchid.

    Caliga Hall Night scented orchid, ghost orchid, clamshell orchid, lady of the night orchid.

    Elysian pool x3: Dragon’s mouth orchid, sparrow’s egg orchid, moccasin flower orchid.

    Manito glade X1: wintergreen berry.

    Sittwater strand x1; spider orchid.

    Flatnek station x1: pasol mushroom.

    Downes Ranch x1: bay bolete.

    Watson’s cabin x1: lady slipper orchid.

    You can collect 6 of these 43 herbs only in the areas that are not available until the end of the first mission of epilogue 1.

    You can use a glitch to visit new austin early in the game and complete the challenge before that mission.

    Rio bravo x2: Red sage, english mace.

    Gaptooth ridge x2: dESERT SAGE, BLACKCURRANT.

    Cholla Springs x1: wild feverfew.

    Great plains x1: prairie poppy

    Before starting to collect the 11 types of meat, make sure you have a total of at least 11 plants of creeping thyme, wild mint and/or oregano.

    If you don’t have them yet between limpany and painted sky, you should be able to collect enough herbs for the challenge.

    Prime beef, Pork and venison: These three types of meat can be bought from any butcher.

    To collect the remaining meat, you have to kill and skin specific animals.

    Exotic bird meat: Kill and skin pelicans at copperhead landing. 

    Plump bird meat: kill and skin chickens or wild turkeys just outside the horseshoe overlook camp.

    Big game: kill and skin alligators around the Bayou nwa.

    Succulent fish meat: Fish around the kamassa river using worms as bait to catch steelhead trouts.

    Game meal: You will need to kill and skin rabbits.

    Flakey fish meat: Fish around the lannahechee river with large fish lure to catch largemouth bass.

    Crustacean meat: You need to kill and collect crabs in the south area of the biggest island in front of clemens point.

    Mutton meat: Kill And skin goals around larned sod(_the heartlands)

    Once you have all the required meat, set up a camp and cook them all selecting a recipe with the chosen herb

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