Hidden Features and Secret Mechanics in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

This guide will let you know 10 Hidden Features and Secret Mechanics in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.

Teleporting charged attacks with super Saiyans 

When a character has transformed into a super Saiyan (super Saiyan 1/2/3, super Vegeta 1/2, and future super Saiyan), once they use and charge a chargeable super attack, they teleport in front of the opponent and fire it. A few tested attacks are Kamehameha, x10 Kamehameha, galick gun, and galick beam cannon. 

Flying nimbus vehicle for all races 

There is a guy in the sky named “oba” flying around Conton City. Talk to him, and he will give you the flying nimbus vehicle. Oba is constantly moving. The flying nimbus vehicle can’t fly, so you will float to the ground if you start using it in the air. 

Full power energy blast volley with the homing capability

The full-power energy blast volley is an ultimate attack often seen as a garbage move that does very little damage. 

However, it is useful. It has a quick start-up, and when you knock your opponent away or to the ground after a combo, for example, those ki blasts have a homing capability that follows your opponent to wherever they are falling to do a great amount of damage to them

How the height of a created character affects stats

There are four option settings for height. The taller the character, the more health they have. However, the taller they are, the slower they are in speed.

The shorter the character, the less health they have. However, the shorter they are, the faster they are in speed. 

How the body type of created character affects stats

There are three option settings for body type. The thinner the character, the more damage they do with ki-based attacks. The middle slider option is for a balanced character in terms of pi-based and physical attacks. 

The wider the character the more damage they do with physical attacks ( basic and strike-based).

How to fight style affects the created character 

When creating your character, the game asks the question, “what fight style do you prefer?”

It does not affect your stats. It only determines your starting skills. 

How being on the ground vs in the air affects stamina recovery

Stamina recovery is affected if you are on the ground VS in the air.

If you are on the ground, your stamina will recover faster. If you are in the air, it will recover slower. 

Notice the blue STM( stamina)

Bar and the recovery speed in the air and on the ground.

In the air :

While on the ground:

How to quickly fly to the same vertical height as opponents

You will need to double tap the ascend button (X on PS4) to move your character to the same vertical height as the opponent you have locked on to. 

If they are above you, double-tap, and you will fly up to their level. If they are below you, double-tap to fly down to their level.

It is useful because it’s a little faster than normal ascending/ descending. Also because being at the same vertical height increases the chance of your attack hitting them. 

How to get teammates to help

It feels like CPU-controlled teammates in the game, especially during the parallel quests, don’t help. They do, actually, but there is a trick to increase the chance to get them to fight the opponent you want them to.

If you are locked onto a character, chances are your teammates won’t help. However, if you change your target and lock on to another opponent, that’s when they’ll be more likely to fight the character you were originally locked on to. Sometimes it will take some time for your teammates to switch their targets.

How to get potential unleashed transformation 

To get the potential unleashed transformation, you must Z rank every advanced test. There are a total of 6, and you’ll get potential unleashed at the end of the 6th if you Z rank them all. 

Here are some tips to get a Z rank:

Do 20+ hits on one combo and finish the test with 80+% health. You will need to finish as fast as possible (ideally under 3 minutes) and finish while transformed. You must try to finish with an ultimate attack.

It is a good idea to do the tests while you are at level 80 since it’ll make them easier, so you’ll be more likely to get a Z-rank. You will need to do the one before it to unlock the next one. 

In between each test, you might have to do something else like a parallel quest (or a few of them), and come back to the advancement test, so the next test will eventually be offered.

FYI: potential unleashed allows for Ki to charge quicker, decreases damage taken slightly, and increases the attack power.

Bonus hidden feature and secret mechanic VIA DLC only: change music in Conton city to DJ steve AOKI.

You can download the free steve Aoki pack from the PS/Xbox/Steam Store. Once installed, go to Conton city and talk to a character named DJ. he will change the background music in Conton city to one of his songs made for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. 

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