Highest Damage Swords Comparison – Terraria

This guide will provide you with comparisons of all the swords in Terraria. You will find out which is the most damaging sword in the game to counter the enemies. Clubberfish gives 24 damage, while Slap Hand provides 35 damage to the opponents.


Enchanted Sword24You can find it in the Random Locations underground.
Clubberfish24You can find fishing in corruption.
Bee keeper26Crops from Queen Bee.
Blade of Grass28Crafted W/Jungle spores & stingers.
Falcon blade30It is found in the iron crate.
Slap Hand35You can purchase it from a skeleton merchant.
Fiery Greatsword36The players can craft Fiery Greatsword with hellstone bars.
Cobalt Sword39Crafted W/Cobalt Bars.
Breaker Blade39It drops from WOf.
Phasesabers41Crafted W/Crystal Shards.
Palladium sword41You can craft it with the help of palladium Bars.
Night’s Edge42Crafted W/various swords.
Ice sickle42It drops in hardmode snow biome.
Mythril sword44Crafted W/mythril bars.
Brand of the Infero44Brand of the Inferno drops From Ogre (Old one’s Army).
Orichalcum Sword47Crafted W/orichalcum Bar.
Chlorophyte saber48It is crafted W/Cholorophyte Bars.
cutlass49Cutlass drops from the pirates.
frostbrand49It drops from ice mimics.
adamantite sword50Crafted W/Adamantite bars.
Seedler50Seedler drops from Plantera.
Titanium sword52Crafted W/Titanium Bars.
Beam Sword52The Beam Sword drops from Armored skeletons.
Bladetongue55You can find it fishing in crimson.
Tizona56You can craft it with Excalibur soul of light & Adamantite bar.
Excalibur57The players can craft it with the help of Hallowed Bars.
Death Sickle57Death Sickle drops from Reapers (Solar Eclipse).
True Excalibur66Crafted W/Excalibur & Hero sword.
psycho knife70It drops from psycho (solar eclipse event).
baghnakhs70Drops from crimson mimics.
keybrand70The key brand drops from Armed bones.
claymore75Drops from Betsy.
Horseman’s Balade75It drops from pumping.
Tree Sword86Drops from everscream.
True Night’s edge90You can craft it using Night’s Edge & Hero’s sword.
flying Dragon90The Flying Dragon drops from Betsy.
Terra Blade95You can craft it with true night’s edge & True excalibue.
Influs Waver110It drops from a martion saucer.
Star Wrath110 Star Wrath drops from moon lord.
Meowmere200It drops from the Moon Lord.

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