Highest HP Pre Hardmode Enemies Comparison – Terraria

This guide will show a comparison between the Pre-Hardmode enemies in Terraria. It will also tell you where all of them spawn and what their HP is.

Undead Viking231Undead Viking is a common enemy located in the ice biome.
Snow Flinx231Snow Flinx is an enemy found in the ice biome.
fire imp231Fire imp is a caster enemy found only in the underworld.
Face monster231Face monster is an enemy in the crimson.
Wallcreeper264Wallcreeper is a spider-like enemy located in caverns. It spawns in and around spider caves in pre-hard-mode works.
Giant Antlion Swarmer297Giant antlion warmer is a flying enemy found in underground desert biomes.
spike ball300Spike ball is an unbeatable enemy found in the dungeon.
Blazing Wheel300The blazing wheel is an unbeatable enemy located in the dungeon.
Harpy330Happy is a flying enemy that spawns at high altitudes, typically around floating island heights before hard mode.
Devourer330Devourers are large worms that spawn in corruption.
Green Jellyfish360Jellyfish are enemies located under the water.
Granite golem363Granite Golem is an enemy found only in granite caves.
Giant Antlion Charger363Antlion charger is an enemy similar in appearance to the antlion.
Man-Eater363Maneater is an enemy found only in the underground jungle biome.
Angry bones396Angry Bones are enemies found in the dungeon.
Fungo fish420Fungo Jellyfish are enemies found in water.
Blood jelly450Blood Jellyfish are enemies located in water.
Voodoo demon462A voodoo demon is a rare enemy found in the underworld.
Hoplite462Hoplite is an enemy that spawns in marble caves.
Dungeon slime495Dungeon slime is a slime that is found only in the dungeon.
goblin scout528Goblin scout is an uncommon surface enemy found in the farthest edges of the player’s world and spawns during ordinary gameplay.
Mother slime594Mother slime is a slime in the cavem layer. It spawns 1-3 baby slimes upon death.
fungi bulb594Fungi bulbs are common enemies found in glowing mushroom biomes above the surface during the hard mode.
Mushi ladybug660Mushi ladybug is an enemy that spawns in glowing mushroom biomes in hard mode.
Spore Zombie660Spore zombie is a zombie variant that only appears in glowing mushroom biomes.
Tim660Tim is a rare enemy located in the lower cavern layer.
Anomura fungus690Anomura fungus is an enemy found in glowing mushroom biomes above the surface at any point in the game.
Lost Girl750Lost girl spawns in the cavern layer of any biome and can transform into nymphs under certain conditions.
bone Serpent750Bone serpents are burrowing worms that spawn in the underworld.
shark900A shark is an enemy located in the ocean.
Nymph900Nymph is a rare enemy that spawns in the cavern layer of any home.
Golden Slime990Golden slime is a rare enemy found in clebrationmk10 worlds.
pinky990Pinky is a rare shine that occasionally spawns in the underground and cavern layers in the forest biome.
Doctor Bones1500Doctor bones is a zombie variant that spawns in the jungle and underground jungle at night.
dungeon Guardian29,997A dungeon guardian is an enemy resembling a skeleton’s head that guards the dungeon against intruders.
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