Honey Item and All 5 Flower Locations – Roblox Wacky Wizards

This guide will find out where the New Honey ingredient is located. It will provide you with the exact locations to get all the flowers.  

The first thing you will need to do is pick this bee up and put it in your cauldron.  

That is where you pick up the sleepy bee, right next to the big tree!

Turn into the bee and head over to the little hole in the big tree. 

Here are all of the flower locations. 

#1 Field Daisy

It’s right next to the update sign!

Now, you will need to bring it back to the big tree and fill up its box. 

#2 Water lily 

In the water! 

#3 Cactus flower  

In the desert, you can only see all of these flowers if you are a bee! 

#4 Sunflower 

You will need to come to the Bushy cave.  

#5 Lava flower 

It’s in the volcano; you have to make your way up to it! 

There you go; you have the new ingredient now! 

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