Hospital Tycoon Codes 2022

Hospital Tycoon is a hospital simulation game that tasks the players to build their hospital. You can unlock new equipment and rooms to increase the size of your facility. You can also bring your friends into Hospital Tycoon. You have to earn as much cash as you can from your hospital.

Active Codes

150KUse it to get Double Cast Boost for 15 minutes
BOUNCYUse it to get Double Jump Power
HEALTHUse it to get Double Health
LOOTERUse it to get 2 Free Loot Boxes
LUCKYUse it to get a Double Cash Boost
POWERUse it to get Double Damage
SpeedyUse it to get 2x Speed for 5 minutes

Expired Codes

100KUse it to get Double Cast Boost for 10 minutes
10KUse it to get 2x Speed & Jump Power
1KUse it to get a 2x Cash Boost
5KUse it to get a 2x Cash Boost
GOLDENUse it to get a Golden Pistol
ROBLOXDOWNUse it to get 15 minutes 2x Cash Boost

How do I redeem codes in Hospital Tycoon?

You can tap on a green button to redeem a reward. The code needed is listed in our list. After pasting the code into the “” textbox, your free reward will be available to you.

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