How Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards Work

In this guide, you will come to know how Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards work and how you can get them in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Amiibo cards are trading cards that are similar to Pokemon cards. Every villager and NBC in the game have the amiibo cards. You can have a total of 500 amiibo cards in the game, and each card is attached with a specific villager, as shown in the image below. 

Each card in the game contains a small NFC chip with the villager’s data on the card, which specifies that your amiibo card can talk to you in the game. It provides you with some specific features and new gameplay. 

To use the amiibo card, you will need to use joy-cons or a controller because they have the built-in NFC reader, which will help you use the card. If you use third-party controllers, they will not let you use the cards. You can scan the amiibo cards in the Roost Cafe; you can sit there and have coffee with the rooster. You can also check any amiibo card to make that villager have a coffee date with you. 

To use the amiibo cards, you have to go to the yellow phone on the table next to the bar. Pick up the phone, which will scan your controller, and then you can use the amiibo card, as shown in the image below. 

You can also use the amiibo card for the villagers on your island. You need to build the campsite and then unlock the ability to scan the amiibo card through the residence services. It will call your villager on your amiibo card and make them come to your island and visit the campsite, and if you do this three times on different days, then the village will ask you to move to your island.

The more amiibo cards you get in the game will give you the chance to select which you want and which you don’t in your village.

You can also buy the amiibo cards for the pack of six, three, and two from the store or you can also buy them from Best Buy or Amazon, etc. 

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