How can you Get More Learning Points and Crafting Focus in Albion Online?

In this guide, you will come to know how you can get more Learning Points and Crafting Focus in Albion Online.

There are two valuables in Albion:

  • Learning points 
  • Crafting Focus

These are specific for each character. Simply by purchasing premium status for your character, you can get a steady stream of both learning points and crafting focus. 

But there is another method by which you can get a learning points.

Method for Learning Points:

You can speed up your leveling skills by learning points on your destiny board. 

You can choose to spend lp and complete the level rapidly by earning 20% of the required fame.

You have to keep earning fame by reducing the lp cost and grinding out the level manually.

Another way of getting fame rapidly towards the skill progress is to use tomes of insight for combat skills only. You will generate 20 lp after every 24 hours if your character has the premium status. The lp will flow in slowly over the course of the day.

In case you don’t have a premium, you can still earn 10 LPs by completing the daily challenges every day. 

You have to click on the Activities menu and then tap on Adventures challenge. 

You can earn challenge points by participating in PvE combats, fishing, and farming. 

In arena victory, you will also get a nice shot of challenge points 

Once you reach 1200 challenge points, you will automatically get 10lp. But if you have a premium you will get 20 lp daily by doing nothing. 

 Methos for crafting focus:

You can use crafting focus in every type of activity; for example, in watering vegetables and herbs to increase seed production. 

Taking care of baby animals will boost the chance of having babies of their own when they grow up. When crafting and refining raw materials, you can increase the resource return rate. You will automatically earn 10k focus every day when you have the premium status. 

Same as lp, you will earn these after every 24 hours. As the total is pretty large, so it will be easier to observe the focus. You just need to check your crafting focus total, wait for a minute and then check again for the increase.

There is a cap on the amount of crafting points which is not on the lp, it is impossible to have more than 30k focus at a time. After that, it will stop tricking in until you use some to make a room. Automatic focus flow has a premium status, you will be able to use a focus restoration potion which will generate 10k crafting focus instantly.

These potions can be obtained by doing the weekly challenge reward chest as they are pretty rare. You will need to have a premium status to unlock the chests. You cant buy them from the market as they are not tradeable. But you have to keep an unused potion even if your premium expires.

How to get Premium:

There are a lot of other benefits to having premium status. 

  • You will get 50% more gathering yield.
  •  30% more silver and loot from treasure chests. 
  • You will get a personal island.

If you want to purchase a premium for your character, you have to click on the crown icon on the top and pay for it using silver or gold. 

Open your browser, go to and then click on the shop menu on the right top of the screen. If you are purchasing using your credit card, once it expires, it will be renewed automatically and you have the option to cancel the automatic renewal at any time. 

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