How Can You Meet Up with My Friend in Albion Online

This guide will let you know how to Meet Up with My Friend in Albion Online.

The tutorial island where the town of the cove is located is unique in the world of Albion Online. There is a chance that you and your friend both are in the cove but you will not be able to see each other. It’s like you are out of phase. 

After completing the tutorial for the new player, you can choose your starting town. Captain Tia will take you personally there on her ship and give you thanks for helping in repairing the vessel.

Communicating with your friends and choosing the same starting town is the easiest way to meet up with your friends. If you haven’t chosen the same starting town as your friend, there are two ways to meet with your friend.

  1. If you have some silver or if you don’t mind storing all your equipment in the bank and leaving it for now, you can take captain Tias to get to your friend’s starting town. You will have to pay for everything you are taking with you on the voyage as the first mate’s gratitude has worn off. But if you go naked, it is free. 
  1. You can take the scenic route and ask your friend to check his/her location which can be found in the button right-hand corner just below the mini-map. 

After that, press “m” to open your world map and type the name of that town in the search field on the right top corner of the screen.  

The map will automatically move from your location to your friend’s location.

The blue lines will appear showing you the route you have to follow to reach your friends. If you ride your mule and don’t stop to fight or gather resources, you will cover your journey in almost 20 minutes.

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