How Do games Stop us from Crossing Map Boundaries

This guide will let you know how games prevent you from crossing the map boundaries.

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    Motocross Madness 2 

    Let’s see what happens if you cross the border. It will flick you away like this if you are trying to cross borders.


    Mafia II

    Buildings and especially walls prevent the player from crossing the boundary. 

    There are invisible walls too! 

    And the player can’t jump into the water. 


    Batman Arkham City

    He flies back and uses his grappling hook to go back to the city.


    Medal of Honor Warfighter 

    Again there is an invisible wall to prevent crossing the border, and the player can only slide beside it.


    Grand Theft Auto V 

    The plaster can use a plane or boat to reach the boundary. When you reach the end, every vehicle will crash except submarines. 

    And always there is a shark waiting! 


    Far Cry 4 

    The entire map is surrounded by mountains when you try to go beyond the play area without following the story. 

    Let’s see what happens if you try to go over with a “buzzer”. 

    The engine automatically stops at high altitudes.


    The Witcher III : Wild Hunt

    A genius way to say “turn back”! 

    It happens for you and turns back your horses! 


    Mafia III

    Trying to cross the boundary with a vehicle, you will be unable to do so! 

    If you try to swim to cross the boundary, the alligators wait for you.

    Time to cross it with a boat! 

    That’s the end of that!


    Ghost Recon Wildlands! 

    It indicates something here, and the game restarts.

    When you cross the border with a helicopter, you can see ground textures are not developed beyond the boundary. 


    Forza Horizon 4 

    If you cross the boundary through mountains, the car will slide down. 


    And an unbreakable wall around the map prevents it. 


    Red Dead Redemption 2 

    You will need to cross the river first.

    If you try with a boat, it will sink. 

    Now trying with a horse to cross the river slows down and can’t cross the river. 

    But somehow, you can cross it using a mod. 

    You can see a plain ground here; let’s see where it ends.

    After some time, in the end, you can see a boundary where grass/ground textures do not exist.

    Let’s cross the line, and you can see what happened. You are in some sea. 

    You have to see it again from another place.   


    Assassin’s Creed Valhalla  

    If you go towards the boundary, it will say “Area not available,” as shown in the image below. 

    You will see this as the map disappears if you still move on. 


    Cyberpunk 2077

    Let’s try to swim beyond the map and see what happens. 

    You will be stuck at this point. 

    If you try to cross the map in a vehicle, you can reach the end. 

    But you can’t cross this gate here because the vehicle will break into pieces. And that is some bugs and glitches. 


    Project I.G.I.  

    Land mines will prevent you from going further on the map in some areas. 

    And it will blast you like this, as shown in the image below. 

    But it is not the only way to prevent players from finding an end. You can go as much as you want, but you shall not be able to find a boundary. 

    They have introduced an auto regenerating map (for annoying nerfs who can’t just play and leave!)

    So without using hacks or mods, you will not be able to see an end! 



    When using a dodo to go beyond the boundary, it “turns” us back! 

    At the boundary, when using a boat, it slows down automatically and does not let you move further. 



    You can reach the end of the map in Minecraft!

    At the boundary, X/Z will be 29,999,983! 

    It will take days to get there if you are running to reach the end! 

    And this is where it ends! 

    It is where X and Z end meet! (one corner of the map).


    Sleeping Dogs (D.E.)

    When you try to swim to cross the map. In the end, an invisible wall will be there to prevent us from going beyond the boundary! 


    Dying Light

    Walls and fences are there at the boundary. 

    And an indication for this with this statement! 


    Fallout 4

    When you try to cross the map. 

    Here also, an invisible wall prevents the player from going further. 


    Watchdogs 2

    Using a boat to see how far we can go in watch dogs 2.


    Battlefield V 

    Don’t leave the combat area. 

    Almost all shooting games use this method to prevent players from reaching beyond the playable area. 


    Just Cause 4 

    In this game, you can use a private jet to find a boundary in this game and how they prevent you from crossing. 

    After 7 to 8 minutes, you can’t find the player’s position, and you are out of the map. It will return the player to the last checkpoint. 



    Most people say Subnautica has one of the best ways to prevent players from crossing the map boundary. So let’s check it out.

    After swimming for some time, the player gets warnings. 

    It said you are in an ecological dead zone! What kind of creature is this?

    And that’s the end of the journey! This creature came and killed the player. 

    What if you go there with a submarine? 

    You are fighting with this creature here.

    Still, the “Ghost leviathan” can defeat the player.  

    The devastated submarine from outside!     

    They call it the big nothing!
    You will get a notification on your screen. 

    The game (and chumbucket) warns you when you try to go beyond the map. In the end, it starts to lose health, and finally, the player dies! 
    I.G.I. 2 (2003)
    Hope you remember the auto-generated map in I.G.I., but they have changed in I.G.I. 2. Let’s see how it is prevented now. Finally, it displays the pause menu! 
    Assassin’s creed Odyssey (2018)
    A wall appears to prevent you from going beyond. 

    Call of duty WWII (2017) 
    This one has one of the best stories in the C.O.D. series; you should try it. It indicates a return to the game. 

    Sea of thieves 2018 
    You have to head south to reach the boundary. 

    You have to pay attention to the color of the water; it changes if you try to cross. The water turns blood red, and the sky becomes dark. The ship gets destroyed, and finally, it sinks. 

    Let’s swim further, heading south to see what happens next. 

    Red dead redemption 2010 
    This type of rock formation along the boundary prevents the player from going beyond. 

    Grand theft Auto 4 2008
    You can try to find an end on a boat heading north. You can go as far as you want, but you will not be able to find an end. 

    Prototype 2009
    In Prototype, the player automatically jumps back to the playable area. 

    What happens if you use the bridge? It slows the player’s speed, and finally, an invisible wall.

    Saint row IV 2013
    It is unclear why they have added this color and blocks to water when you are there. Anyway, you can continue swimming towards the north. 

    After around five minutes of swimming, this will happen.

    Serious sam B.F.E. 3 (2011)
    If you get too far from the level, a giant worm (sand whale) will start growling and shaking the ground. It will kill you; you can only survive if you return to the playable area. 

    You can find a sand whale in the starting cutscene too.  

    Ghost of Tsushima 2020 

    Tsushima is an island divided into three regions, and the playable area is surrounded by water.

    Let’s see what happens if you swim away from the island. 

    The protagonist (Jin) drowns at the map boundary and respawns at the nearest safe area. 

    Far Cry 5 2018 

    Unclimbable rock formations mostly surround the map, but there are rivers too. 

    It happens if you try to cross the boundary, and the player respawns when trying to go away from the playable area. 

    Far Cry New Dawn 

    If you try to swim through here to cross the boundary, then first you have to face this. 

    Still, this indication message appears on the screen if you move on further, as shown in the image below. 

    And you can’t survive in the radiation zone! The game drops you back to the safe area. 

    Marvel spiderman Miles Morales

    The water surrounds the city, so let’s swim away!

    And it says that you are leaving the playable area. 

    Sunset Overdrive 2014 

    Here comes the craziest game on the list. Here is what happens when you try to cross the boundary through swimming.

    How creative is this? A visible “invisible” wall! 

    Horizon Zero Down 2017

    Let’s try to reach or go beyond the map boundary from here. 

    An invisible wall prevents you from crossing the boundary, saying you  “can’t enter this location”. 

    And these machines are always ready to kill you, so it is better to return. 

    And the mountains at the boundary are unreachable.   

    Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain (2015)

    There is an invisible wall that you can’t cross.

    Let’s try it from the seaside. And jumping into the water from the mother base is not allowed!

    Also, rock formations prevent players from going beyond the playable area. 

    Watch Dogs: Legion 2020

    The game takes place within a fictionalized representation of London in 2030. 

    If you try to cross the boundary, this message appears at the top of the screen, as shown in the image below. 

    Then the player respawns at the boundary. 

    L.A. Noire (2011)

    Let’s continue on your way along the main road.  

    Roads are under construction, so you can not move to another area.

    Let’s try to go along a river to see what happens. 

    Fences are there to stop the player.  

    Railway roads are blocked as well. 

    The Last of Us Part II (2020)

    Most of the “Linear open-world” games prevent the player from going beyond the playable area by introducing “objects” (trunks, fences, walls…), which you can not cross.  

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